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The alarm feature is designed to help you locate your loved one when nearby in a crowd, indoors, or hiding. It can be activated remotely from any distance by guardians who are authorized to call the device. When activated the device makes an audible alarm sound that helps you find your loved one.

Which device do you have? Scroll for GPS1

GPS 4, GPS 1, Watch:

  1. Open the Tools Menu on the bottom and click Alarm.

2. Select either Soft Alarm or Loud Alarm

3. The Alarm will sound for the length of time you have set up in your alarm Settings and then automatically turn off. You can put the device on the charger to stop the Alarm. See: GPS 4 Alarm Settings


GPS 1: With App version 1.8.1 and below AND GPS 1 firmware versions below G4A.EY.024*

  1. Open Tools Menu on the bottom and click Alarm.

2. The telephone dialer will appear, displaying the device’s phone number. Start a call to the device, which will make it ring out loud.

3. In order to stop the alarm, end the call.

*These versions do not have the Alarm Settings option. Please upgrade your AngelSense app and contact us for upgrading your device.

GPS 1 & GPS 4 Alarm Settings

Customize your different Alarm settings for the two different Alarms: Choose a separate ringtone, decide on the duration that it will sound, and adjust the volume.

  1. Open Menu on the left hand side, click “Settings” and “General”


2. Choose ringtones, decide on the duration for the alarms to sound, and adjust the volumes. Click “Save”


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care


*The GPS 1 and Watch do not currently have any Alarm Settings.

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