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Unnamed places

An “Unnamed place” is a location that has not yet been named.



The AngelSense system automatically names a location if your loved one is there for 5 minutes or longer. If you choose to ‘ignore’ a location, the location will then show as an ‘Unnamed Place’ in your Timeline. See:  Editing Place

The GPS updates every 30 seconds in Unnamed places for the first 10 minutes and then will begin updating every 15 minutes. Upon moving from the Unnamed place, the device will be begin updating every 30 seconds again. We suggest naming places your loved one visits regularly so that you can receive notifications when your loved one leaves the place.

If the Unnamed location occurs while your loved one is at a named location, this is essentially the result of GPS errors indoors and you probably need to expand the radius of that location to cover the entire area. See more on Handling False Notifications.



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