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Voice Messages

Record Voice Messages and play them remotely on your loved one’s AngelSense device on-demand, or automatically at the time or location that you predefine.

The recorded message allows you to remind your loved one of a task (e.g. “Wash your hands”, “Take your pill”, or “Walk the dog”) or to simply automatically greet them (e.g. “Have a wonderful day at school”).

Add a Voice Message


To send the message right then, simply  click “Send Message Now(the message will also be saved).



General Message Playback Settings

Below the list of voice messages, there are  two additional settings that apply to all messages:

  1. Select a cue tone that will play before the message starts

  2. Enable an option for your loved one to stop the message playing (via the SOS button or the red icon on your watch screen).


Message Playback

To start remote message playback on your loved one’s device, click ‘Voice Message’ in the Voice menu, select the message and click ‘Send Message Now’.



Once a message starts playing, the ‘Voice Message’ option will change to ‘Stop Playing Message’ Clicking it will stop the playback.



If you haven’t recorded any messages yet, ‘Voice Message’ will prompt you to add your first message (taking you directly to the settings page).

School Schedule

Voice messages will not play during school hours if ‘2-Way Voice & Voice Messages’ is disabled as shown below.


Voice Minutes

Voice messages use your regular voice minutes.

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