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Installing the App

The AngelSense App is used with our AngelSense GPS Tracking Device to keep your loved one safe. The app provides advanced guardian monitoring & safety features that let you see exactly where your loved one is in real-time, get alerts when they might be in danger, see their daily activity history, name & customize boundaries for geofence “safe zones” like school and home, add & set permissions for unlimited guardians, send first responder alerts in case of emergency, activate voice features and alarm, and much more.


Learn more about the AngelSense App and AngelSense Enhanced Safety Features



Please note that the app only works with our AngelSense GPS Tracking Device.

The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows and works on desktops, laptops, phones & tablets.

SCAN for AngelSense App:

Download the AngelSense App from App Stores:

App Store

Google Play

Older phones may not be able to run the AngelSense app, in this case, open the AngelSense App on your internet browser and save a shortcut on the home screen – Make sure to select Email Notifications under Settings > Notifications as mobile notifications may not work. If you have any issues or questions please contact our Customer Care Team.


Saving a Shortcut 


After successfully installing the app there will automatically be a shortcut added to your home screen. 


In cases where you cannot download the app, you can add a shortcut from your internet browser, see below for instructions:




1.   Open your Internet browser and navigate to

2.   On the bottom menu tap the Add Shortcut icon.

        Add Shortcut

3.   Tap the Add to Home Screen button, to add the shortcut to your home screen.

        Add to Home Screen




1.   Open your Internet browser and navigate to

2.   Press the Menu button on your phone:


3.   The pop-out options menu appears. Tap the “Add shortcut to home” option:

        Add shortcut to home


If this does not work for your Android phone when using Chrome, you can try this:

  1. View your bookmarks in Chrome for Android
  2. Pick the AngelSense bookmark 
  3. Do a long-press on the icon
  4. You will then see a menu pop up
  5. Select “Add to home screen”


It is important that each Guardian log in with their own email address instead of having a shared login. This will prevent issues with notifications and login errors.

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