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Managing Guardians

The first Guardian (the one who bought the AngelSense service) is a Primary Guardian and can add and configure other Guardians.


We do not limit the number of Guardians. Each Guardian uses a separate email and mobile to receive alerts.


On the GPS 1, only two phone numbers can be authorized to call the device.


To manage your AngelSense Guardians on App Version 1.2.5 and above:

(If you do not have App Version 1.2.5 or higher, please update your AngelSense app.)


  1. Click on the “Users” option from the app’s Menu on the top left hand side.

2. Select the “+” symbol and then ‘Guardian’ and ‘Next’


3. Enter the Guardian’s details, set extra permissions if you want them to have this, and click Save.


**If you receive a message saying, ‘You just need to set permissions and “Save” to add it to x’s guardian list as we already have this person’s information.” You can just select which Extra Permissions you wish for them to have and Save in order to add them as a user.

4. They will automatically receive a welcome email with login and password instructions. After logging in they will be able to set their own contact information and preferences via their Settings.

5. To edit a Guardian, click ‘Edit’. To delete a Guardian, click ‘Delete’.





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