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Key Features and Benefits

AngelSense is the only wandering and safety solution designed for children with special needs.


See here an overview of the key features and benefits, and personal stories of how these unique features helped save lives.


Here are more details on the key unique features of AngelSense:


  • Non-Removable Sensory Friendly Device: The only GPS tracking device for children with sensory sensitivities. Includes non-removable accessories for the GPS device and a special key for removal by the parent.
  • 1-Way Voice (Listen-In):  Hear if your child is in danger and immediately know if they need your help.
  • 2-Way Voice (AngelCall): Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. Your child’s GPS device will auto pick up your call.
  • Elopement Alerts: Get alerted every time your child enters or leaves a location. Includes elopement alerts.
  • Runner mode Benefit from a special ‘Runner Mode’ designed to help find a lost child with live 10‑second updates
  • Unexpected Place and Car Stop Alert: Get alerted immediately if your child is at the wrong place
  • Late Departure Warning: Get an instant alert if your child hasn’t left school or any other regularly visited place on time. Make sure they’re never left behind.
  • Alarm: Activate an alarm on the device, to locate your child when nearby in a crowd or when hiding
  • First Responder Group Alarm: With one click, text message a predefined trusted group of people regarding a lost child, along with a live view of the child’s location & direction to the child.
  • Share Live Location: Share a link to the live location of the child to any cell phone via a text message or email. This can be done ad-hoc and not only to a predefined list. The link can then be further shared, e.g. by a dispatch center to an officer on duty or vice versa.
  • Timeline View: See your child’s routes and locations during the whole day and even know their transit speed.
  • School Dashboard: Provide your child’s school with a special interface that helps school staff ensure the child is safe during school hours.
  • ETA: Know exactly when your child is expected to arrive home. Save precious time.


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