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Late Departure Notification

When a child stays in a place that is part of the child’s routine, such as school, departure time is often predictable. The parents can now set a late departure notification time that will trigger a notification whenever the child does not depart by the designated time.


The user can activate the Late Departure notification option by:


  1. Clicking on the named place on your Timeline to open the Map page   
  2. Click on the pencil icon on the right hand side of the status bar.
  3. Check the “Late Departure” option and adjust the time for when you want to be notified and click Save.  (NOTE: The designated time currently applies to all week days, M-F.)
In order to configure how you receive these notifications: 


  1. Go to your Menu on the left hand side and click “Settings” and “General”                    
  2. Similar to Arrival/Departure, the user can choose email and/or mobile notifications. The selected channel[s] will be used on all occasions of late departure.
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