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Late Arrival and Departure Notifications

“Late Arrival” and “Late Departure” notifications were developed to detect if a child was left on a bus and no one noticed, or they didn’t make it to their bus after school and were unsupervised on campus resulting in harm. 

Other Benefits:

How does it work?
AngelSense automatically learns the regular schedule and will send an alert when a delay is detected for any of the named places enabled for this feature.
Enable and edit settings for alerts for each named place in the Timeline or from the School Dashboard if relevant. Each named place can have a different arrival or departure time set.
  1. Either click on the location in the map and select ‘Place Settings’ or click on named place on your Timeline to open the Map page

2. If you click to enter the location, click on the pencil icon on the right hand side of the status bar.

3. Check the “Late Arrival/Departure” option, set days and times for when you want to be notified, and click Save.

Configure notifications: 
  1. From the Menu on the left hand side click “Settings” and “General”

2. Choose email and/or mobile notifications, this will apply for all notifications of late arrival or departure.


*Available on App Version 1.2.5 and higher. You can verify your app version and software version from your app’s Menu in the “About” section.

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