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The AngelSense GPS Tracking & Safety Device

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The Safest GPS Tracker for Autism, Special Needs & Dementia

Unlike any other tracker, AngelSense uses the most advanced GPS tracking technology combined with lifesaving safety features that can’t be found with similar devices.   

There is nothing worse than not knowing where your child or elderly parent is when they aren’t able to keep themselves safe or get back home on their own. With AngelSense you’ll always know where they are and get instant notifications if they aren’t where they’re supposed to be, allowing you to locate and get to them as quickly as possible.   


AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids and Dementia

GPS Safety Device for Autism & Special Needs of All Ages

Although AngelSense can be used by anyone of any age, it was specifically designed for children with autism. It was made by autism parents who understand the unique issues special needs children – young and grown – face. They know all too well the fears and worries that plague the parents and guardians who are entrusted with keeping them safe. This is why they took extra care to ensure that they use the best, most reliable GPS for accurate location tracking so parents can find a lost child as quickly as possible. In addition, they added and improved upon several safety features to help parents in emergencies and reduce stress throughout their daily lives. The peace of mind AngelSense gives parents of children with special needs and autism is truly invaluable. Learn More

For Teens: AngelSense has helped several teens and adults with special needs realize more independence, confidence and opportunities for employment. By providing the maximum amount of safety during transitions, AngelSense helps parents feel comfortable allowing their children more freedom on a path toward greater independence. Learn More


GPS Tracker for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
The added safety features and advanced GPS tracking aren’t just for special kids. AngelSense is a lifesaving device that helps keep any of your loved ones safe including those with dementia. The elderly are prone to wandering and getting lost without the ability to remember where they live, what their name is, or who to call for help. AngelSense lets you know when they aren’t where they’re supposed to be and helps you find them ASAP, it can also help with things like stopping elderly abuse and ensuring your loved one gets to a from activities safely. Learn More

2021 AngelSense GPS Personal Tracker

Safety Features

Safeguard GPS Tracking Continually Updated, Most Reliable & Accurate Real-Time Location Technology
Auto Learning Automatically Learns Schedule, Places & Transits to Detect Unexpected Detours, Places, and Stops
Lifesaving, Intelligent iAlerts Customizable Notifications for Arrival & Departure, Elopement, Unknown & Unexpected ‘Wrong’ Place, Late Arrival/Departure Warning
History Timeline Detailed History of Daily Locations, Transits, and Activity for Every Day, Forever
Step Counter Monitor Activity Level for Each Location & Know if Your Loved One is in Motion or Standing Still
Transit & School Bus Monitoring Unexpected Route Detour, Delay, & Stop Alerts, Max Speed, & ETA Notification
Geo-Fencing Safe Zones Name and Customize Boundaries of an Unlimited Number of Auto Detected Safe Places
Location Playback Inside Safe Zones Set Smaller Boundaries within Safe Places (Playground, Backyard, etc) & Playback Movement Inside Safe Zones
2-Way Voice Communication Speakerphone with Auto Answer (Can be Deactivated During School Hours if Necessary)
Call Request / SOS Button Instantly Get Notified if Your Angel Needs You
Alarm Activate Device Sound During Hiding or in a Crowd
Unlimited Primary Guardians Give Access & Set Permissions for Family, Teachers, Caregivers, etc. (Only 2 Guardians Can Use Voice Features)
Emergency Tools Early Warning Mode, Runner Mode, First Responder Group Alert, Temporarily Share Live Location with Police, Alarm, 1 & 2-Way Voice, Plus More! 
My Location Live Map See Where You are in Relation to Your Angel in Real-Time
School Guardian Dashboard Tracking, Alerts, and Access for Designated Teachers & School Staff During Definable School Days & Hours



Wearing Options for GPS4

Non-Removable Durable and Unable to be Removed without a Special Magnetic Key
Sensory Sensitive Specially Designed for Sensory Sensitivity with Soft Material and No Labels
All Sizes Options for Children, Teens, and Adults of All Ages
Waterproof Options Submersible Cases
Protective Sleeve Included with Guardian Kit – Durable, Non-Removable, Attaches to Clothes, Pockets, Bags, Belts, and More
Cut-to-Fit Belt Non-Removable, Sensory Friendly, Perfect for Clothes without Pockets or Frequent Clothing Changes  
Undershirt Soft, No Tags, Discreet, Non-Obstructive


Technical Specs GPS4

Network 4G LTE, Advanced GPS Data
Coverage US (AT&T or TMobile), CANADA (Rogers), and UK (O2) Service Plans Available
Tracking Continuous & Nonstop All-Day Long
Tracking Range Unlimited Distance
Updates From Every 10 Seconds
Size 2.4 x 1.73 x 0.63 in
Weight 1.4 Oz
SIM Card Embedded
Notifications Push and/or Email
App iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows for Phones, Tablets, & Computers
Battery Life  Up to 24 Hours (depending on usage)
Warranty 1 Year


Technical Specs AngelSense Watch

Network 4G LTE, Advanced GPS Data
Coverage US (AT&T or TMobile), CANADA (Rogers), UK coming soon
Tracking Continuous & Nonstop All-Day Long
Tracking Range Unlimited Distance
Updates From Every 10 Seconds
Size 1.87 x 1.39 x 0.66
Weight 2.2 Oz
SIM Card Embedded
Notifications Push and/or Email
App iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows for Phones, Tablets, & Computers
Battery Life  Up to 16 Hours (depending on usage)
Warranty 1 Year


Proven Protection

Brett, a child with Autism, was found in the woods by using AngelSense to guide a police helicopter and a search and rescue team “Without AngelSense, this search could have lasted a lot longer… Even the officer in charge agreed that AngelSense is worth every penny. It saved the police a lot of time, which was so critical in finding Brett… The police called me the following day for details on AngelSense so that they can share it with all the families in the area!” – Brett’s Mom
NYPD used AngelSense to find Hanzel, a teen with autism who wandered “If he didn’t have this device. . . I don’t know what I would have told them [the police], just, ‘My son is gone and I can’t find him’ “ – Hanzel’s Mom
AngelSense narrowed the search for police so they could find teen being sexually assaulted “AngelSense saved my daughter’s life!”

Watch the News Story Here

AngelSense GPS Tracker

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