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Pricing Plans Explained

All plans include the same product features and capabilities and vary in payment terms as described below.


  • Month-to-Month Plan
    • FREE Shipping
    • Trial: 30-days 100% money-back guarantee
    • Activation fee
    • Contract: None
  • Monthly Plan
    • FREE Shipping
    • Trial: 30-days 100% money-back guarantee
    • Activation: FREE
    • Contract: One Year
  • Annual Plan
    • FREE Shipping
    • Trial: 30-days 100% money-back guarantee
    • Activation: FREE
    • Contract: One Year

Note for all plans:

  1. Trial starts when the kit is received. Trial applies to the first device only.
  2. The kit includes the GPS device, charging cable, protective sleeve, magnetic key, 3 fasteners and a travel case.
  3. All plans include 60 free voice minutes per month. Additional minutes can be purchased in the AngelSense store via the app.
  4. Optional AngelSense accessories, such as a beltundershirt, or additional magnetic keys can be ordered via the AngelSense Store in the app and shipped at no extra cost when you include it in your original order of the kit + service. Make sure to check the box indicating that in the AngelSense Store. Note: Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully.

You can see current pricing and purchase the system online on our web site at:


*Please note that the service you use for your personal phone does not need to be the same as the device you choose. See: Choosing a Cellular Carrier


Need 2 Devices?


If using AngelSense in the UK, Canada or Australia please see these links: Important Info for Canadian Customers, Important Info for UK Customers, Important Info for Australian Customers


If you are a public support agency, a non-profit organization or law enforcement please contact us for special pricing. Visit our Agency page here


*NOTE: The GPS 1 is the default device when you order.


USA only: Verizon is updating its network to cover only new technology and some, like our GPS 2, will be phased out over time. They will no longer be activating new 3G devices, but this does not affect our current GPS 2 device. We are in the process of working on a solution that meets all of our clients’ needs so that we are prepared when the time comes. Please do not worry, as we are making sure to plan ahead and there will be no service interruptions.  As soon as we have more information we will reach out to you.

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