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The AngelSense Undershirt is lightweight, sensory friendly and designed especially for your child’s everyday activities. The smart reversible shirt structure with its designated GPS device pocket in combination with it’s natural stretchy fabric helps to maintain a free range of motion and gives a comfortable way to wear the AngelSense GPS device without feeling the extra weight.


  • What is the difference between kids and adults? The difference is only in the measurements. Kids sizes are smaller in circumference and length than adults. Adult sizes are usually for teens as they are longer and therefore fit higher bodies.
  • Is there different shirts for boys and girls? No. The shirt is unisex.
  • What if my child prefers a loose fit? In order for the undershirt to hold the AngelSense GPS device in place it is designed in a tight fit, therefore we recommend to follow the size chart. In case you would like to try a loose fit you can take one size up but bear in mind the device might not sit properly and could get uncomfortable.
  • What is the undershirt made of? The undershirt is made of 92% Natural Modal and 8% spandex. The Modal fabric is natural, eco-friendly, extra soft, breathable, highly absorbent, strong and durable.
  • Is it machine washable? Yes. It has a high washing resistance. It can be washed in any temperature water.
  • How can It be worn? It is designed to be worn as an undershirt but it can also be worn as a vest top. The shirt’s structure is specially designed for special needs kids as it is completely reversible and can be worn front to back and inside out if preferred.
  • How do I insert the AngelSense GPS device? The undershirt pocket is double layered like a pillowcase and is designed so that the AngelSense GPS device can be inserted and released comfortably only when is not on the body. Watch the short video below.
  • Is the undershirt sensory friendly? Yes. We have put all our efforts to make this undershirt as sensory friendly as we could, using features such as:
    • Flat Seams: Flattened seams place on the outside for minimum irritation.
    • Tagless Label: Printed tag instead of irritating synthetic flags.
    • No Add-ons: Safety pocket was designed to avoid the need for extra locking systems.
    • Super Soft Fabric: Eco friendly, soft fabric designed especially for second skin garments.
    • Calming Pressure: Hug-like, tight fitting for extra calming pressure sensation.


Below you’ll find our suggested size chart with measurements of chest circumference and torso width. The best way to choose the size is to measure your child and follow the chart suggestion.


*Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully. Accessories may only be purchased by current customers. See: Buying accessories



How do I order the AngelSense Undershirt? Directly from your app in the AngelSense Store.



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