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The Undershirt

The AngelSense Undershirt is the perfect solution for wearing the AngelSense GPS Device. This high quality, lightweight shirt was designed to be sensory-friendly with a stretchy compression fit, flat seams, no tags, and soft material. The reversible design allows your loved one to comfortably wear the device pocket in the front or back while maintaining a free range of motion. 

The Undershirt comes in an array of sizes to fit children, teens, and adults. See our size chart below before ordering. This optional wearable can be purchased separately and included in your initial order or at a later time through the AngelSense Store in the app along with our other Wearing Options. 

Material 92% Natural Modal and 8% Spandex. The Modal fabric is natural, eco-friendly, extra soft, breathable, highly absorbent, strong and durable.
Machine Washable Yes. It has a high washing resistance. It can be washed in any temperature water.
Unisex Designed to comfortably fit both boys, girls, teens, and adults.
Sizes Child and Adult sizes are available. The design is the same but the adult sizes are longer and usually more suitable for teens than the child sizes. See chart below.
Calming Compression Fit The shirt is designed to be a tight fit that keeps the device in place and provides hug-like, calming pressure. We recommend following the size chart below and using adult sizes for teens.
Sensory-Sensitive  Extra soft – second skin material, no tags, flat seams on outside, no add-ons, & compression fit.
Reversible Device Pocket can be worn in front or back and shirt can be worn inside out as well.
Devices Compatible with GPS1, GPS4 and Watch (with straps removed)


shirts size chart

child shirt size diagram


  • Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully.
  • Accessories may only be purchased by customers.
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