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Notification Types

The AngelSense system offers notifications in the form of mobile notifications and/or Email, all configurable through your app settings.

AngelSense uses a unique notification sound so that you can easily identify alerts from the AngelSense app. Click to hear:

Note: in the future we will be adding more sound options so you can assign them to specific types of app notifications.

Notification types include:


  • Arrival/departure, e.g. “James arrived at school at 8:29 am” or “Sean left school at 4:32 pm.”

  • Unexpected place notification, if your device is in an unknown location for 5 minutes or longer

  • Transit notifications, anytime the AngelSense device is in movement from one place to the next. This can be when walking, driving, bicycling, etc.

  • Late Departure Warning to notify you if your loved one didn’t leave on schedule (enable in app for each location)

  • Late Arrival Warning so you know as soon as possible that something is wrong and can check their current location

  • Evening charging reminder if your AngelSense device is not connected to the charger

  • Morning wearing reminder if your AngelSense device is still charging

  • Device ready reminder, if your AngelSense device is not charged, turned on, and ready to go in the morning

  • Low battery notification, notifies when device reaches 20% battery level

  • Call Request: A notification of a call being requested and completed when the SOS/Call Direct buttons are pushed (if enabled in app)

  • Call Ended notification, notifies stating that a call has just ended and who called the device.

  • Voice Messages: A notification that a Voice Message has been successfully played on your device.

  • Fall Detection (beta testing) – alerts you if your loved one fell


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