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Call Request (SOS) Settings

Call Request is a setting allowing your loved one to press the SOS button on the device to request a call from you.


*Call Request is only on the GPS 1, GPS 4 and Watch*

This can be accessed from your app’s Menu on the left hand side by clicking on Settings and Voice & SOS.

Enabling Call Requests:

  1. Under the SOS Button section, select ‘Call Request’. This will allow your Angel to request a call from you. When they request a call you will receive a notification to let you know that they have pressed the button. Click “Save”
  2. If you wish for this feature to not be enabled, uncheck this box. Click “Save”
  3. In order to avoid accidental or frequent call requests, there are several settings that you can configure. In the example below, the button would need to be pressed one time within 15 seconds in order for a call request notification to be sent and another request would not be sent until after 1 minute had passed since the last request.



Need to Prevent Accidental Requests?



Configure Call Request Notifications: 


1. Open Menu > “Settings” > “Notifications”


2. Scroll down the “Others” section and select how you would like to receive your notifications.

3. Click “Save”

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care

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