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The Armband

The AngelSense Sensory Friendly Armband is a perfect wearing solution for our more independent users (i.e. seniors or young adults) that prefer to wear their device around their wrist, upper arm or ankle. Check sizes before ordering.



Material: 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra

CAUTION: Device can be removed by wearer

This optional wearable can be purchased separately and included in your initial order or at a later time through the AngelSense Store in the app along with our other Wearing Options.

Click here to learn more about using AngelSense for Adults, Seniors, & the Elderly.


Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the armband, waterproof cases, undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully. Accessories may only be purchased by customers.

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