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Wearing – Sensory Sensitive

Our special wearing accessories are specially designed to address this. Watch this video for wearing options:


Note: The device shown in this video is an older, larger model. Check out the new device here

Our methodology is geared to address these challenges as well.


AngelSense Belt Accessory: At the moment our belts are made of a “Drill” (a weaving Technic) fabric, the material is 60/40 (60 % Polyester, 40 % cotton) which gives a good balance between softness and durability.


AngelSense Undershirt: The AngelSense Undershirt is lightweight, sensory friendly and designed especially for your child’s everyday activities.


Additional Accessories may be purchased from the AngelSense app by current customers. See: Buying accessories

Watch: Natasha and Jaeden


Accessories are nonrefundable and not returnable, including the undershirt and belt. Please make sure you use the size charts and measure carefully. 

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