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Logging into app

To use the AngelSense app do the following:

SCAN for AngelSense App:

  1. Download the AngelSense app for iOS or Android

    You can also use the web app by opening this link in your internet browser (for non iOS/Android phone or PC)

  2. Choose the correct option:

    1. Sign In: For those who already have an AngelSense account and device for their Angel

      1. Enter your user name (the email address you registered with) and password

      2. Click “Show password” to verify you are typing the right password (case sensitive)

      3. If you forgot your password click “Forgot Password” to have a new one sent to you

      4. After your first login, the system will automatically login without requiring your credentials

    2. Create a New Account: ​​​​​​​For those who purchased from a 3rd party

    3. Invited To Be A Guardian: ​​​​​​​For those who were invited by a Primary Guardian to be a Guardian



Note for iPhone/iPad Safari browser users (using the web app):


1. Make sure cookies are allowed: Settings → Safari → block cookies → select always allow

2. If needed delete your cache: Settings → Safari → clear history and website data → clear history and data

NOTE: It is important that Guardians log in with their own email address instead of having a shared login. This will prevent issues with notifications and logging in. 

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