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Service Plans Explained

When you purchase an AngelSense device, you’ll be asked to choose from 3 service plan options that are explained below.

In order to provide accurate, Unlimited GPS Tracking and 2-Way Voice, AngelSense uses multiple service providers like AT&T and T-Mobile for the device. Unlimited data and 60 voice minutes per month are included in your AngelSense service plan subscription. This is separate from your personal cell phone service and you can continue to use whichever provider you currently have to use the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Trackers that do not have a monthly service fee, or a lower fee, usually do not offer the same level of protection and many require you to be within a certain proximity of your device in order to access its location. With AngelSense your device is always being tracked and you can be anywhere in the world and still see where your loved one is.  Learn More


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Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited, Continuous GPS Tracking
  • Unlimited, Instant Notifications
  • 1-Way and 2-Way Voice
  • 60 Free Voice Minutes Per Month
  • Access to All Safety Features
  • Free Onboarding Training Call
  • 30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping


Month-To-Month Plan 

Pay monthly without a contract or commitment 

  • $59 Activation Fee (USD)
  • Cancel Anytime
  • No Contract


Monthly Plan

Pay monthly with a 1-year contract

  • Guardian Kit Discount
  • Reduced Activation Fee
  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • Annual Contract


Annual Plan

Pay for entire year upfront

  • Guardian Kit Discount
  • Reduced Activation Fee
  • Lowest Price Per Month
  • Annual Contract


Service plans require the purchase of an AngelSense Guardian Kit. The 30-day free trial starts as soon as the device kit is received and applies to the first device only. 


AngelSense Wearing Options and accessories may be shipped at no extra cost by ordering them immediately after checkout or you can place your order through the app’s AngelSense Store before your guardian kit is shipped.


Service plan prices do not include Applicable Taxes which range from 0 – 9% and vary based on city and state tax laws.

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