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New Version AngelSense App Update

The new version of AngelSense has an array of new features and safety measures in place to make sure you can always find your loved one as easily and as quickly as possible.

New 2022 AngelSense Features

New features include a better connection, easier wearing with new accessories, and new tools for safety and well-being:

Read more details about the new AngelSense 2022 features


Who can get the free update? 

All devices will get the free update. To support the financial challenges of special needs families, we will remotely upgrade the software on all of our current devices in the next few weeks. Be sure to update to the latest AngelSense app version.

Updating to the new version is free for most of our current customers. If you’d like to upgrade to the new GPS4 4G LTE device or the new Watch, you may purchase them from the AngelSense Store in your app. Please contact Customer Care if you need any assistance with ordering a new device, updating your app or with the new features.

How can I update my AngelSense app?

Uninstall and then reinstall it.


Note: Uninstalling only removes the app from your Smartphone/Tablet. Your device and the AngelSense server will continue to communicate and all information received from your device will be saved.

We update from time to time for different reasons including bug fixes, feature enhancements and new features. 

What if I have an older device?

GPS1 4G: If you are happy with your device/service there is no need to buy the new GPS4 device or Watch since it will be updated automatically.

GPS1 3G devices need to be upgraded ASAP.

What’s different about the GPS4 device model?

The only difference is that it is smaller and lighter and only takes 2 hours for a full charge (compared to 4). All features are the same except for the Indoor Search (Wi-Fi Locator). Additionally, there are some new wearing accessories that only fit the GPS4 device.



If you have the GPS 1 3G model, we urgently recommend upgrading to either the GPS1 4G , GPS4 4G model or the Watch. AT&T and T-Mobile are shutting down their 3G networks. To avoid service disruption and allow for shipping, you need to upgrade your device ASAP!

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