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Using AngelSense’s New & Improved Smart Power Management algorithms, the battery can now last up to 36 hours (with some users reporting 2 days depending on usage). The current Battery Life allows the AngelSense GPS to provide continuous real-time updates that keep tracking information accurate and reliable All Day. 


Safety is our #1 priority and when every second counts, it’s important to know exactly where your loved one is. This is why AngelSense ONLY uses continuous monitoring and DOES NOT use ‘standby mode’ that is common with most other GPS devices. Standby mode compromises safety, is less reliable, and the location is highly inaccurate as it only queries the GPS after waking up. In cases of elopement, instantly accessing accurate location information is crucial, so to avoid any delays we opted for daily charging and provide charging reminders to make sure you don’t forget. 


We created AngelSense to be more than just another ordinary GPS tracking device, we designed it to be a complete safety device that will truly keep our children safe and address the unique concerns of parents with special needs. The rich array of Lifesaving Features we are able to provide require a more durable battery and daily charging. To us, this was an insignificant detail if it means knowing our loved ones are as safe as possible at all times.


For tips on how to preserve your AngelSense battery life, click here.


Please Note: Initially, while your device is proactively learning your routes and most visited locations are being named, battery life can be impacted and you can expect to see improved battery life after the first two weeks of usage.


From the AngelSense Blog: 

5 Reasons Why a Bigger Personal GPS Is Better for Your Special Needs Child

When it comes to the safety of our children with special needs, all parents know this fact: one minute off-guard and the cost could be dire! A GPS bracelet or watch may seem practical, convenient, or even fashionable. Unfortunately, those smaller devices are too simple and incapable of providing superior proactive safety.

How Can Kids with Special Needs Wear a Personal GPS Tracker?

Cute, colorful GPS bracelets made of textured materials are not an option for children with sensory issues and obsessive behaviors and will quickly be removed and discarded. The AngelSense GPS Tracker was created to keep children with special needs safe, and that’s why it was designed to stay on!

The AngelSense Difference: A Comparison To Radio Frequency Search System 

While AngelSense and RF search systems are both used for locating a missing person, the solutions are very different as outlined in this comparison document.

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