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Preserving Battery Life

With the New & Improved AngelSense you can experience an improved Battery Life of up to 36 hours (some users have reported up to 2 days depending on usage).

To provide maximum protection for your loved one, AngelSense offers several life-saving features that require a bigger battery and regular charging. To make sure your battery lasts as long as possible, here are some tips:

  1. Name Places – Learning your routine takes extra power, help out by naming and customizing geofences
  2. Assure Place Borders are Large Enough – This also helps decrease false alerts
  3. Use Certain Features Moderately –  Runner Mode2-Way Voice, and 1-Way Voice use extra battery power
  4. Charge Device Fully – Leave connected to the charger until ready to use

Some more about the battery:

  • The battery lasts up to 36 hours with normal use after a full charge (4 hours)
  • Poor cellular reception depletes battery more quickly
  • After the first 2 weeks of use, you should automatically see improved battery life

Note: Battery usage of the device is not affected by keeping the app open or receiving notifications.


From the AngelSense Blog:

Why Your Child with Autism Needs a BIGGER GPS Device

Proactive alerts to routine deviations and providing consistent location updates in poor GPS and cellular conditions are indispensable features. Supporting these capabilities require enough power to sustain the device and can only be achieved with larger battery size and an equally accommodating device.

Note: GPS 2 (Verizon device) guidance is available here

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