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Charging & turning on device


The Guardian device is charged with a standard USB charger. It takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery. The device automatically powers on when it is plugged in.




To charge the battery:

  1. Connect one side of the USB charging cable to the wall charger and the small connector to the Guardian device.
  2. Charge the device near a window with good cellular reception, so that data can be regularly transmitted to the app.
  3. Ensure that the device is charging:
    • The blue LED light on the device should be on continuously.
    • The battery in the app status bar should be green with a lightning bolt by it.


  • The device’s charging port is not under warranty.
  • We recommend that an adult connects the device to a charger, and not a child.
  • Attach the charger gently.
  • The bottom side of the connector has an arrow drawn on it.
  • Connect and disconnect the cable in a straight movement without wiggling.
  • We suggest to keep the device charging when not in use. It is best to keep the device charged instead of letting the battery run out.

*GPS 1 devices with device tracker version of G3.EY.0.59 and below will have the power button enabled by default. Please contact us to disable the power button. You can see your device’s version from your Menu and About.


Note: GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here

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