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Device not charging

Please follow the troubleshooting steps below:


  1. Try an alternate charger
  2. Try alternate outlets
  3. Plug the device in to the charger and assure it is charging
  4. Assure device is on
  5. Continue charging for about two hours
  6. Unplug the device
  7. Assuming the network selected for the device has coverage in your area you should see the app updating when you take it out in transit:
    • Try taking the device out in transit at least 1.5 miles outdoors away from charging location. This way the device can fully connect to local towers and GPS in the area.
    • Enter Runner Mode
    • Wait for a minute, the status bar should show the app is updating with fresh location
    • If this is not the case, please contact us. Please verify for us if the device is giving you the charging indication and has been taken out in transit in order to try to gain communication.
  8. If none of these steps work, please try these Advanced Troubleshooting Steps


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