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Device Status Indications

The app receives periodic updates from the device. The bar at the bottom of your AngelSense app displays the status of the AngelSense Guardian device. It does not change when moving between screens of the AngelSense app. It will change if you have more than one device and switch between ‘Angels”.



At the left of the bar there is an indication for the quality of the connection with the device:


Tracking: Device is communicating and is updating as expected. See: GPS Accuracy


No Signal: No updates from the device, most likely due to lack of cellular coverage or due to the device running out of battery. See: Signal Troubleshooting


In case of poor signal and delayed updates the time of the last update would be indicated, e.g. 27 minutes ago. See: Notification Troubleshooting


Battery indicator:  This shows the percentage of battery life remaining.      See: Battery Life


GPS accuracy indicator: indicates the quality of GPS reception and thereby the accuracy of the GPS reporting. See: GPS Accuracy


Cellular reception level – indicates the quality of Cellular reception. See: Signal Troubleshooting


GPS 1:

You can verify that the device is powered on by pressing one of the front buttons (SOS/Call) for a few seconds and verifying the LEDs light up. GPS 1 devices have the power button disabled by default. Pressing the power button will not power off the device. GPS 1 devices can enable the power button from the app. To enable the power button in the web version, go to Main Menu > Settings > General > Enabled > Save


GPS 4:






AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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