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GPS Accuracy

AngelSense uses the most advanced GPS tracking technology which is accurate to about 10 feet or less (outdoors). For the most accurate location line of sight to satellites is required. Therefore accuracy can be affected in areas with high buildings and indoors. AngelSense is continuously tracking even when the GPS signal is poor, this ensures that if your loved one leaves a safe location you will know right away and have access to the most accurate location.

If you need help finding your loved one indoors, we suggest using the 2-Way Assistive Speakerphone and Alarm.

We also added Location Playback which lets you set smaller safe zones for your Named Places (i.e. playground at school or backyard at home). This allows you to see your loved one’s movements within Named Places and monitor activity.

For more information on our GPS accuracy see Runner Mode, Transits, and Location Update Frequency


Official U.S. government information about the Global Positioning System (GPS) and related topics

AngelSense GPS Tracker

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