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Device Buttons and Light Indicators

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Device Buttons



Device Lights


The front of the AngelSense GPS 1 device has two LED lights as indicators:


  1. Green LED light – Only flashes when there is no cellular reception, remains off otherwise.

  2. Blue LED light – Flashes when there is no GPS reception, stays on continuously when the device is charging (will not indicate GPS reception while charging), and remains off otherwise.

When the device is operating properly and not charging, both LED lights should be off.


Both lights will turn on when one of the front buttons (SOS/Call) are pressed to indicate the device is on. See: Device on indication 



Device Button




If the device runs out of battery, upon plugging the device in, both lights will blink a few times and then the blue light will remain on with the green light going off.

GPS 1 devices with device tracker version below G3.EY.006 / G3.EY.059 have the power button enabled by default. Please contact us to disable the power button. You can see your device’s version from your Menu and About.

GPS 2 (Verizon) guidance is available here

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