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Benefits for independence

The AngelSense solution encourages independence for individuals with HFA (high-functioning autism), Aspergers, Down Syndrome and others with developmental disabilities.
Parents feel comfortable allowing their child to go to nearby places on their own because they have the ability to “accompany” them remotely.


The AngelSense GPS tracker has a real-time map that informs you any time your child has deviated from a pre-established or typical route. This means that you can step back and allow your child to navigate from bus to school, classroom to classroom, and bus to home while still being available if things do not go as expected. It is essential to allow children with developmental disabilities as much independence and basic freedom as they are capable of handling within the range of their capabilities. AngelSense is more than just a GPS tracker, it helps facilitate meeting independence goals without compromising safety.

Features & Benefits:

  • Timeline View: See your child’s routes and locations during the whole day and even know their transit speed.
  • Know when your child is not where they’re supposed to be
  • Unexpected Place and Car Stop Alert: Get alerted immediately if your child is at the wrong place
  • 1-Way Voice (Listen-In):  Hear if your child is in danger and immediately know if they need your help.
  • 2-Way Voice (AngelCall): Talk to your child at any time, without them needing to “pick up” or click anything. Your child’s GPS device will auto pick up your call.
  • ETA showing the estimated time of arrival at a destination
  • In case of emergency:
    • Locate and track your child in real-time as quickly as possible
    • Notify a designated list of “First Responders” at a click of a button that your loved one is missing
    • Share Live LocationShare a link to the live location of the child to any cell phone via a text message or email. This can be done ad-hoc and not only to a predefined list. The link can then be further shared, e.g. by a dispatch center to an officer on duty or vice versa.

Watch how parents use AngelSense to give their children independence:


This parent used AngelSense to thwart an assault on her 15 year old daughter with Aspergers:


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BLOG: How to Help Your Autistic Child Gain Independence with AngelSense 

Regardless of diagnosis, your child can be the person they want to be and achieve their goals. For parents who are testing the waters by letting their child play independently outside or walk to a nearby park, AngelSense is an expert in ensuring the safety of children with autism.


BLOG: How a GPS Tracker Helps with the Back-to-School Transition

It is essential to allow children with autism as much independence and basic freedom as they are capable of handling within the range of their capabilities, and a GPS tracker helps facilitate meeting independence goals without compromising safety.


BLOG: How to Build a Routine to Wear AngelSense Daily

Wearing AngelSense daily is key to achieving the highest level of preventative safety. Following this gradual and consistent process to establish and maintain a daily routine, works!
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