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Benefits for independence

The AngelSense solution can assist parents of high-functioning children by allowing them a higher level of independence.
Parents feel comfortable allowing their child to go to nearby places on their own because they have the ability to “accompany” their child remotely.


With AngelSense you’ll be able to:


  • See your child’s routes & locations at a glance, all day
  • Know when your child is not where they’re supposed to be
  • 1-Way Voice (Listen-In) to check on your child’s well-being
  • Call for a two way conversation with 2-Way Voice (AngelCall)
  • ETA showing the estimated time of arrival at a destination
  • In case of emergency:
    • Locate and track your child in real time as quickly as possible
    • Notify a designated list of “First Responders” at a click of a button that your loved one is missing

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