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AngelSense Voice Features

Overview & Benefits for Schools

AngelSense voice features enable guardians to remotely talk to their child by calling the GPS device that includes an auto-pickup speakerphone

In case of elopement,
the voice features allow you to:

Disabling Voice Features

AngelSense helps schools comply with requirements to implement extra safety measures that are necessary for children with special needs

Most schools welcome AngelSense, and many even purchase it for students in-need

The AngelSense voice features do not record

In case there are privacy concerns related to school or state regulations, the voice features can be completely disabled

To learn more, download our School Guide or contact our School Liaisons:

AngelSense is committed to the protection and privacy of the children we serve, as well as the privacy of the children they encounter while wearing the AngelSense device throughout the day.

It is our sincere intention to provide parents and schools a tool to safeguard children prone to elopement, to assist teaching for independence and to facilitate communication of daily activities between schools and parents.

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