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  • My Location Feature

    • This feature allows you to see your location relative to your angel’s location (device). It could be especially useful when searching for your Angel in an area with no street signs, such as theme parks or in nature.

  • Powering the device off for Air Travel: We do not have ‘airplane mode’ on either of our devices. You will need to do the following for air travel.

  • Preserving Battery

    • It is important to name locations when traveling to help preserve your battery life, even if your child will only go to that location one time. Naming Locations. An unlimited number of locations can be named.

  • Adjust boundaries

    • It is important to make sure that the radius is correctly covering the area where the child is located to ensure receiving accurate alerts. It is better that the radius is centered on the location and is large enough to encompass all of the building(s) and the area around the building(s).

  • Auxiliary battery

    • Some customers have chosen to purchase external battery packs (power banks) for their devices to extend the battery life of their devices for extra long days or outdoor activities.  This could also be beneficial when traveling. Please let us know if you choose to do this option so that we can make configuration adjustments on your AngelSense to ensure correct notifications (in the near future it will be updated automatically).

  • Cell Coverage

    • Unfortunately, there is not a US cellular carrier that has 100% cellular coverage. Your device’s cellular carrier is determined based on which has the best cellular coverage in your Home area so please be aware that your device may have different cellular coverage away from Home.

  • Using your AngelSense on the beach



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