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Insurance & Medicaid Codes

Several of our customers have successfully had AngelSense covered by their insurance company or through Medicaid Waivers. Below is helpful information that may help you cover the cost of AngelSense. Inquire with your insurance company about whether they cover some or all of the cost. Prepare the following information when submitting a request to insurance companies:




You can also speak to your family doctor about getting a diagnosis for wandering. We have a Sample Doctor Letter with Wandering Code your doctor can personalize attached below; this may help you with the insurance company requirements.


Ask your doctor to include “AngelSense GPS for Wandering Prevention”


Codes to personalize for your diagnosis: 



Wandering codes:



Other Codes to use for AngelSense device/system:



Medicaid Waivers that have been used to cover AngelSense:



Check the documents at the bottom of this page for Waiver Number & Waiver Name in your State.


*Most waivers will be issued to cover the AngelSense starter kit + 1 full year of service.

AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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