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Insurance & Medicaid Codes

About Insurance & Medicaid

Below is helpful information that may help you cover the cost of AngelSense. 

First, a few important points to consider:

* The above information is based on feedback from our existing customers and meant to assist families in their search for possible funding sources. 

AngelSense cannot guarantee approval for any of the abovementioned programs. 

When looking for funding sources, it might be helpful to prepare the following information in advance:



Speak to your family doctor about getting a formal diagnosis for wandering. 

We have a Sample Doctor Letter with Wandering Code your doctor can personalize.

Ask your doctor to include “AngelSense GPS for Wandering Prevention”


Wandering diagnosis codes:


Associated diagnosis codes: 


Other codes to use for the AngelSense device/system:

AngelSense GPS Tracker

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