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AngelSense vs. GPS trackers

AngelSense is the only wandering and safety solution designed for children with special needs.


It is the only solution proven to save lives of individuals with special needs. Our premium service includes safety features you can’t find anywhere else – Learn More

AngelSense is totally different from GPS trackers.

There are hundreds of GPS trackers, all with similar functionality.

As parents to children with special needs, we tried most of them and were deeply disappointed.

They are not a life-saving solution for a child with special needs.


Three Essential Elements of a Life-Saving Solution


There are three essential elements to a life-saving monitoring solution, all unique to AngelSense:


  • Non-Stop and Proactive

    Device is always tracking even when the app is closed and proactively alerts on unexpected changes. E.g. unexpected bus stops and arrival to an unfamiliar place.

  • On all day

    Sensory friendly wearables removable only with parent key and smart charging & wearing reminders assure that the child wears the device all day, every day.

  • Tools to quickly respond to a wandering incident

    Runner Mode with 10 second updates, 2-Way Voice (AngelCall), Alarm, and First Responder Alert.




Life-Saving Examples of Using AngelSense Unique Features


Unexpected Place Alert: Two boys with autism dropped off at the wrong school.  Read more…

Unexpected Car Stop Alert: A boy with autism was on a bus that broke down in the middle of the desert in 110 degrees.  Read more…

Alarm: Boy disappeared on campus. Mom activated the alarm on this GPS tracker 12 miles away from where he was. He was hiding on campus and school staff were able to locate him. Read more…

2-Way Voice: Boy (age 3) took off in the blink of an eye at a crowded large park. Mom was able to track him down with AngelSense and set off an alarm to help hear him and 2-Way Voice to listen in and speak to him until he was safe again. Read more…

1-Way Voice: Girl with Asperger left home for a walk. A predator lured her into a car and took her to a park. Mom received the Unknown Place alert, activated the listen-in function and immediately understood what was going on. She was able to quickly get to the girl and save her.  Read More…


Customer Care by Parents to Children with Special Needs


AngelSense provides a caring and professional service by parents to children with special needs who use the product. We understand!

We make sure parents enjoy the huge benefits that AngelSense offers and gain the peace of mind that comes with it.


Community of Thousands of Parents to Children with Special Needs


AngelSense Guardians Group is a closed Facebook group where parents help parents. Tips for wearing and using the service as well as just emotional support. Users love the group and use it actively.


GPS Kid Tracker Comparison Chart


Still have more questions? Email us your contact information at and one of customer care experts will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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