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School Guardian Notifications

Some schools require that parents disable the voice features during school hours due to privacy concerns. To make sure our children are allowed to use the device at school we provide a feature to disable the voice features during school hours. Notifications regarding the voice features can be sent to School Guardians and parents.  

Notifications that can be sent include: 

  • Daily notification of voice features being disabled before school
  • Daily notification of voice features being enabled after school
  • Notification anytime there are changes made to the School Schedule
  • Entrance and exit notifications for the device, only during school hours

As an AngelSense School Guardian, if given access to notifications by the Primary Guardian, you can configure how you wish to receive notifications from within the app itself. 

1. Click "Settings" from your app's Menu and then click "Notifications"        

2. Check the boxes to update which notifications you would like to receive and how you wish to receive these notifications. 

  • Arrival/Departure: e.g. “James arrived at school at 8:29 am” or “James left school at 4:32 pm.” (only during school hours)
  • Status Changes: For voice feature state changes, which includes switching between being disabled and enabled and when an update is made to the School Schedule.                                                                


   3. Click "Save" and you're done!          




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