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Step-By-Step Funding Guide For AngelSense

Many of our customers have succeeded in getting funding for AngelSense Assistive Technology through Medicaid waivers, insurance companies, local government offices, organizations, schools and other sources.


Below are a few steps that might assist you with getting funding in your area.

Step 1: Contact your insurance company, state Medicaid program office or local special needs organization to find out/confirm exactly the services and funding for which you’re eligible to receive.


Step 2: Gather supporting documentation for requesting AngelSense Assistive Technology. The more supporting documentation you have, the easier it will be to establish the need for AngelSense with your funding coordinator, insurance agent, local organization etc. Some examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to the following:


Step 3:  Make an appointment with your caseworker or funding coordinator, insurance agent, or local organization and prepare your supporting documentation, mentioned above, to make a formal request for AngelSense Assistive Technology or to add it to an existing service plan.


Additional Information

Please feel free to contact us to share your funding experience to get AngelSense. We would love to share your experiences with relevant families looking for funding assistance.

Tax deduction (USA): The AngelSense service expense is tax-deductible in certain states. Download: AngelSense GPS W9 2024

Kids Waivers: Medicaid waiver directory by State. Learn about this project and the various different types of waivers/programs that serve children with disabilities and medical conditions in the United States. Coordinated by Complex Child Magazine, is intended to simplify the process as much as possible and provides a comprehensive resource of all Medicaid waivers and programs for children, including 1915(c) HCBS waivers, 1115 demonstration waivers, TEFRA/Katie Beckett programs, and state-based programs.

Insurance Codes

Funding in Canada

AngelSense users in Canada have shared with us that they received financial aid via Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities and also for the disability tax credit.

First Nations families in Canada can get their device and service funded via Jordan’s Principal program.


Funding in UK

This list includes some charities offering grants for families with children with special needs. Many of these organizations offer a lot more than grants, including information, advice and many other services. But if you’re specifically looking for grants for your child, then this is a good place to start your research.


Notable US Funding

California: Carlos Vieira Foundation Direct-Help Grant Program is offered to provide up to $500 of services, medical necessities, and educational tools to families affected by autism within Central California. Families must complete the application, provide all required supporting documentation, and the child must meet the three following requirements to be considered eligible: Under the age of 18. Resides within one of the following 21 counties: Merced, Glenn, Stanislaus, Butte, Madera, Colusa, Mariposa, El Dorado, Tuolumne, Sutter, San Joaquin, Yuba, Fresno, Yolo, Sacramento, Placer, Shasta, Kings, Tehama, Tulare, or Kern. Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Apply here:


Florida: AngelSense is an approved Medicaid waiver provider of assistive technology in Florida under the iBudget Home & Community-Based Service waiver program.

If you currently are receiving services through iBudget: Contact your service coordinator and let them know you want to have AngelSense approved as a new service. If your child is at risk of wandering, be sure to tell your service coordinator.

Please direct your caseworker/service coordinator to contact us directly for more information.

If you do not receive services under the iBudget Home & Community-Based Service waiver: HERE is a link on how to apply. *Please note there is currently a waitlist.


Ohio: Medicaid Waiver Program Level One, Individual Options and SELF. AngelSense is a statewide Medicaid waiver provider of assistive technology in Ohio.


Michigan: Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOMI) has recently joined forces with us in order to provide funding to more families in Michigan! Here is a link with a form to fill out and someone from AAOMI will contact you in order to discuss your eligibility.


Wisconsin: Medicaid Waiver Program CLTS, IRIS, and CCOP. Many individuals with special needs across Wisconsin have successfully received funding for AngelSense Assistive Technology + 1 year of service through a variety of programs and benefits, especially the CLTS Medicaid waiver. AngelSense is an approved provider in Wisconsin. Click for more information




  • We cannot guarantee that you will get funding and requirements vary from state to state.
  • These tips are from our users and we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy or approval. 
  • The process can sometimes take 3-6 months. 
  • The private Facebook group is for current customers only.
  • Please let us know if you find a mistake on this page so we can update it.
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