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Getting Funding

AngelSense GPS Tracker is a lifesaving device that was designed specifically for children with special needs or autism, and can also be used for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Many of our customers have been able to get funding through Medicaid Waivers, Schools, Insurance, Local Governments, Organizations, and other sources. 


If you are considering purchasing AngelSense, please keep in mind that getting funding can be a lengthy process. To keep their loved one safe right away, most people choose to order the device with a Monthly Payment Plan and then apply for funding to get reimbursed. In these cases, we are happy to help with this process, transfer the contract and payments, and provide a refund or extend the contract if received within 60 days. 


We want everyone who needs AngelSense to be protected so we are constantly looking for ways to help cover the cost of the AngelSense device and/or service plan. Below is the information we’ve collected over time, with detailed information for various states, the UK, and Canada. If you obtain funding that isn’t mentioned, please let us know so we can share it with others. 


Our Customer Care Team is staffed by parents of special needs children and many have experience with this process. They are always more than happy to answer questions and offer advice to help you before and after you purchase the device. We also have a private Facebook group for our guardians where they share information and help each other – this has proven to be a great resource for funding information. 


Read Our Step by Step Guidance for Funding AngelSense 


Funding Sources

Please feel free to contact us to share your experience with any or all of the options below. We are always adding to this list. Share your knowledge with us so we can pass it on.


Tax deduction (USA): The AngelSense service expense is tax-deductible in certain states. Download: AngelSense GPS W9 2022


The Disability Funding Guide for Children with Disabilities by Tamara Simmon. Process for applying to the various funding sources that assist children. It features tips and advice for the greatest chance of being selected and includes a directory of over 200 funding sources divided into three categories: National, State and Wish Funders.

Kids Waivers: Medicaid waiver directory by State. Learn about this project and the various different types of waivers/programs that serve children with disabilities and medical conditions in the United States. Coordinated by Complex Child Magazine, is intended to simplify the process as much as possible and provides a comprehensive resource of all Medicaid waivers and programs for children, including 1915(c) HCBS waivers, 1115 demonstration waivers, TEFRA/Katie Beckett programs, and state-based programs.

Funding in Canada

AngelSense users in Canada have shared with us that they received financial aid via Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities and also for the disability tax credit.

First Nations families in Canada can get their device and service funded via Jordan’s Principal program.


Funding in UK

This list includes some charities offering grants for families with children with special needs. Many of these organisations offer a lot more than grants, including information, advice and many other services. But if you’re specifically looking for grants for your child, then this is a good place to start your research.


US Funding by State

These states have agencies that have agreed to receive our referrals, however, we may know of other agencies not listed here and in other states, so please contact us for more info.


California: Carlos Vieira Foundation Direct-Help Grant Program is offered to provide up to $500 of services, medical necessities, and educational tools to families affected by autism within Central California. Families must complete the application, provide all required supporting documentation, and the child must meet the three following requirements to be considered eligible: Under the age of 18. Resides within one of the following 21 counties: Merced, Glenn, Stanislaus, Butte, Madera, Colusa, Mariposa, El Dorado, Tuolumne, Sutter, San Joaquin, Yuba, Fresno, Yolo, Sacramento, Placer, Shasta, Kings, Tehama, Tulare, or Kern. Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Apply here:


Ohio: Click here for more information about the waiver program in Ohio. We currently work with these Statewide Waiver Providers:

Michigan: Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOMI) has recently joined forces with us in order to provide funding to more families in Michigan! Here is a link with a form to fill out and someone from AAOMI will contact you in order to discuss your eligibility.


Minnesota: Cadan Technologies – Statewide Waiver Provider and distributor of AngelSense. If you have waiver funding in Minnesota and would like to add AngelSense as a new service, have your service coordinator contact Cadan Technologies. Call (651) – 456-5760 or  Toll free: 1-800-370-0047.


Missouri: Medicaid & Medicaid Waiver Program The following waivers can help you get funding for AngelSense: MO Children w/DD (MOCDD) (4185.R05.00),  MO DD Comprehensive (0178.R06.00), MO Div of DD Community Support (0404.R03.00) Partnership for Hope Waiver. The waiver covers the AngelSense Guardian Kit and 1 year of service. Requests to access Medicaid waiver services can be made through an Intake Worker, Information Specialist or Support Coordinator at your Regional Office or County Board. Click for more information.

Wisconsin: Medicaid Waiver Program CLTS, Katie Beckett, IRIS, Family Care, CCOP, and CHIP. Many children with autism and individuals with special needs across Wisconsin have successfully received funding for AngelSense GPS + 1 year of service through a variety of programs and benefits through Medicaid and waiver programs, especially the CLTS waiver. AngelSense is an approved vendor in Wisconsin as a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Click for more information




  • We cannot guarantee that you will get funding and requirements vary from state to state.
  • These tips are from our users and we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy or approval. 
  • The process can sometimes take 3-6 months. 
  • The private Facebook group is for current customers only.
  • Please let us know if you find a mistake on this page so we can update it.
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