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Ages Supported

AngelSense can easily be worn by people of all ages and sizes. We have an array of wearing options that are sensory-friendly and non-removable to ensure safety and comfort. They were all designed with special needs in mind so that even children with difficulty adjusting to new wearing routines can acclimate quickly and successfully wear AngelSense.

Our protective sleeve that is included with your AngelSense Guardian Kit can be attached to clothes, pockets, waistbands, backpacks, bags, belts, and more – Giving you endless wearing options. We also offer optional wearing accessories – a Belt and Undershirt. Some of our customers use these for younger children.

If your child is too small to wear AngelSense (typically under age 4), it can be attached to a backpack, diaper bag, or car seat.

See our benefits for Teens and Adults with Special Needs and our benefits for those with Dementia.


AngelSense Wearables


*Additional accessories can be purchased separately when you place your order or through the AngelSense Store in the app for current customers.

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