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How Does AngelSense personal GPS tracker Work?

AngelSense is an advanced wearable GPS tracking device that protects your loved one from wandering and eloping. It was designed specifically for kids, teens, and adults with autism and special needs, but the safety features make it perfect for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s as well. Although the technology is complex, using it is actually quite simple.

It includes an easy to wear device for your loved one and an easy to use app for you via mobile phone.

It uses advanced technology to provide accurate location information and reliable alerts if your loved one is in danger. Our lifesaving safety features are included in our service plan and many are only available with AngelSense – Learn More



The AngelSense Guardian app is available for Android and iOS to use over cellular networks and can also be run from any modern internet browser.

AngelSense wearable accessories are all designed to comfortably be worn by your loved one with sensory sensitivities. It’s important that the device not be removed, so included with every purchase are non-removable fasteners that can only be taken off with the AngelSense key.

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