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Missing notification

Notifications are sent for named places only, so please make sure the location is named.

See: Unknown places

Departure notifications for named places may be missing in the following cases:

1. No cellular reception at the departed place. If the schedule shows "No Communication", the system is unable to identify departure. To address this you could do two actions:

  • Enlarge the place radius. This will associate the location updates outside the building with the departed place and departure notifications will be sent.  
  • Enable "Early Warning Mode" for that location. This helps address this issue but at the expense of occasional false alerts.

2. GPS reception loss. This is not typical for transits, but could happen in some cases, e.g. a backpack that is placed under a metal object, such as bus seat. 

  • To get the current location of your child you could do the following:
    • Enable Runner mode – This will update the app within a few seconds, regardless of the daily schedule.
    • Check to see that the last update time (at the bottom left corner of the app) has updated (says "a few seconds ago").
    • If the GPS reception level is not poor, the location on the map best determines your child’s current location. Device status
    • If GPS is poor, check for the location of the cellular tower the device is communicating with, indicated by the following icon. In urban areas this gives another rough indication for the location of the device. If the antenna is close to the location, it is likely that your child is indoors at that location with no GPS reception. If the antenna is far, it may indicate your child has left, but GPS has not locked yet.



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