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Location via text

The “Location via Text” feature sends a command to the AngelSense device via text message that tells it to text you with the GPS coordinates of where the device currently is.
  1. Go into your Menu on the left hand side and select “Help” and “Location Via Text”


2. You will then get a message stating that a text message with a link to the current location of your device will be sent to you shortly.


3. You should receive a return text message with a link to show you the GPS coordinates of where the device is currently located.

4. Click the link to open the map and show the location of the child. Some phones allow you to choose your navigation software. On other phones, Google maps is automatically selected.

*If you do not receive a return text, this is due to insufficient cellular reception for the text to go through. 
You can also view the current location of the AngelSense device on the app as well as your location relative to the device.


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