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Location via Text

The “Location via Text” feature has your AngelSense device send you an SMS text message with it’s current GPS coordinates.
  1. From the Main Menu select “Help” and “Location Via Text”


2. This message will appear:

 text message with a link to the current location of your device

3. You should receive a text message with a link. If you do not get a text, this is usually due to poor cellular reception near the device. 

4. Click the link, it opens a map (not the AngelSense app) showing the current location of your loved one.

Note: Some phones let you choose a navigation software. On other phones, Google maps is automatically selected.

You can also view the current location of the AngelSense device in your app as well as your location relative to the device. If indoors, use Indoor Search (Wi-Fi Locator) with GPS4 only.
AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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