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Current location

The AngelSense Timeline is composed of places and transits.


The Timeline shows the current location on the map at the top of the Timeline. You can then enter into the location by clicking on the entry in the Timeline.


There are 2 variations of circles when looking at the current location. The location of your angel is shown as a pulsing blue dot. When there is limited or no GPS reception, the dot will turn gray.

  • Pulsing blue dot: current location where your angel is now

  • Pulsing gray dot: approximate location – with limited GPS reception


To see the map in full page, with additional options, click on the first timeline segment.

As a backup measure, you can also request a link to a map view of the current location of the AngelSense device from the main menu of the app by using Share Live Location.


AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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