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Ordering by Organizations

Guidance on purchasing AngelSense through an agency, medical insurance, organization, non-profit, state, caseworker, law enforcement, assisted living facilities, schools and any other funding sources.

How to get AngelSense approved as a vendor for your agency:

Price quote or invoice request:

NOTE: From our experience, this process could take 3-6 months. If a customer would like to purchase now and in parallel get reimbursed, we can transfer the contract and payments to the agency. If the agency funding is received within 60 days, we can refund the customer or apply credit by extending the service to the account. 


Setting up an account:

Please send the following information to

  • Agency name

  • Agency email

  • Payer name

  • Client’s name

  • Client’s mailing address

  • Client’s email

  • Client’s cell phone number

We look forward to hearing from you and getting you established as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: For customers who wish to pursue using an Agency or Medicaid to purchase, please see Funding Options. Please note that these tips are from our users and we cannot guarantee 100% approval. The process can sometimes take 3-6 months.

Every agency, organization or state has different policies and procedures. We are happy to work together with you and your organization to service your community.


Looking for more information?

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