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Do You Offer a Bracelet or Watch?

Yes, we do. We have three different wrist options. 

1. Check out the new AngelSense Watch. The AngelSense GPS Tracker Watch is ideal for big kids, teens, adults, and seniors who want a normative wearing option. You’ll get all the standard AngelSense features packed into a sleek, comfy watch with crystal clear speakerphone.

angelsense tracker watch

2. The AngelSense Watch Band is designed for the classic AngelSense device to pop into place and be worn on the wrist. With the Watch Band, your loved one can easily access the SOS button and voice features.

3. The AngelSense Armband is the perfect wearing solution for more independent users (e.g., young adults, adults, and seniors) who prefer wearing their device around the wrist, upper arm, or ankle

See all our wearing accessories here.




AngelSense GPS Tracker Device

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