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Disabling the Voice Features at School

Guide for Schools


Schools generally welcome the AngelSense solution and many are using AngelSense during school to help keep children safe and locate them quickly in case they wander. In some cases, school staff request parents to use 2-Way Voice (AngelCall) to help calm down the child in case of severe meltdowns. The device does not record.


Some schools request the parents to use the voice features only in an emergency.


Other schools require that the voice features are disabled during School Hours. The disadvantage of doing that, is that in case of an emergency they will not be available. E.g. 2-Way Voice is extremely useful to guide the child to stop and return to safety.


For schools that require disabling the voice features AngelSense provides an automated mechanism to disable the voice features according to a predefined schedule specifying school days and School Hours.


Once defined, the school and parents need to agree on who can change the School Schedule (including enabling it immediately for the same day):


  1. Parent (default): The parent can sign a commitment letter stating they will not use the voice features during school hours and will only enable it in emergency situations or on a day that the child is not attending school.
  2. School: The parent needs to add at least one school staff member as a School Guardian (email and phone number). This school staff will have the ability to override the School Schedule and enable the voice features.
  3. AngelSense Customer Care: The parent signs a commitment letter giving up their ability to change the School Schedule. To change the schedule, the school needs to send a written request from a predefined email address.


In all cases, all parties can receive a notification each time the voice features are enabled/disabled as well as each time the School Schedule itself is changed.


The recommended option that assures maximum safety, is to allow the parent to control the schedule since all parties receive a notification for the change. In our experience, in emergency situations, an experienced user of the app must be able to quickly enable the features and use them, e.g. use 2-Way Voice to help guide the child.


Learn how to disable voice features during school hours


AngelSense is committed to the protection and privacy of the children we serve, as well as the privacy of the children they encounter while wearing the AngelSense device throughout the day.


It is our sincere intention to provide parents and schools a tool to safeguard children prone to elopement, to assist teaching for independence and to assist and enrich the sharing of the child’s daily activity information between parents and teachers.


Still have more questions? Email us your contact information at and one of customer care school liaisons will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

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