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Login Issues

If you are having issues logging in please: 
  • Verify you are typing in your email correctly 
  • Verify you are typing in your password correctly (it is case sensitive
  • Try the Forgot Password option
  • If you are using a Temporary Password, verify that it has not expired. (Only valid for 24 hours)
  • If using the web app, verify you are using
    • iPhone/iPad Safari users may need to make sure cookies are allowed: 
      • Settings
      • Safari
      • Block cookies
      • Select "always allow"
    • iPhone/iPad Safari users may need to delete your cache: 
      • Settings
      • Safari
      • Clear history and website data
      • Clear history and data 
  • If using the installed app, try uninstalling and reinstalling your app
    • Note: Uninstalling only removes the app from your Smartphone/Tablet. The Guardian device and server will continue to communicate and all information received from the Guardian device will be saved on the server.
NOTE: It is important that Guardians log in with their own email address instead of having a shared login. This will prevent issues with notifications and logging in.
If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at


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