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2020 AngelSense Update

2020 AngelSense GPS Tracker - New & Improved


To support the financial challenges of special needs families, we remotely upgraded the software on all of our current GPS 1 devices. This allows you to enjoy extended battery life and the same enhanced features without purchasing a new device. This is a part of our mission to keep your loved ones as safe as possible.


Be sure to download the latest AngelSense app version 1.2.5.


Once updated, you should experience longer battery life (30% longer on average).


If you’d like to buy the new GPS1 4G LTE device, we are offering a special price of $79.99 in the AngelSense Store in your app.




Who can get the free update? 

Anyone with the GPS 1 device got the free update.


If you have the GPS 2 device you can purchase the GPS 1 4G model from the AngelSense Store for $79.99. The device has been upgraded and you have a 30 day money-back guarantee to ensure the service will work in your area.


How much longer is the battery life with the update?

Your updated GPS 1 device will have an extended battery life of up to 36 hours – This is a 30% improvement depending on your usage.


What new features are available with the update?

  • Location Playback that lets you add smaller boundaries in your named places (i.e. playground & cafeteria at school, front & backyards at home, etc). Once set, you can watch your loved one’s movements within the geofence.
  • Late Arrival & Departure Alerts that learn your loved one’s behavior and schedule to notify you if they are haven’t left as usual or haven’t arrived at the expected time. You can customize the alert settings for each named place.
  • Consolidated User Management making it easier to add and edit Guardians, School Guardians, and First Responders.
  • New In-App helpful tips and video tutorials have been added
  • Step Counter that counts steps at each location and gives a total step count for each day so you can monitor health & wellness goals or pacing & restlessness. *Coming soon, in beta testing


Should I buy the GPS 4G model?

If you are happy with your service there is no need to buy the new device since all GPS 1 3G devices can be updated with the new 2020 version.


If you have the GPS 2 Verizon model, we highly recommend the new GPS 4G model. It offers the best coverage and is the most likely to work in your area. If you upgrade, it is covered by the 30 day money-back guarantee so you can try it and see if it works for you.


Please Note: Verizon is phasing out service to 2G & 3G devices – this decision is outside of AngelSense’s control. We’ve made improvements to the GPS 1 devices to help accommodate our GPS 2 customers, if you have any questions please Contact Us.


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