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Alarm Settings

The Alarm feature is designed to help you locate your child when nearby in a crowd, indoors, or hiding.


The GPS 1 does not currently have any Alarm Settings.


The GPS 2 Alarm Settings include:


  • Ringtone: The ringtone sound on the device when you press the Alarm.
  • Duration: How long you want the ringtone to sound before automatically stopping
  • Volume: The volume of the ringtone when it sounds. A louder ringtone can ensure you can hear it.

Soft Alarm: These tones resemble Smartphone tones. Use them when you prefer not to draw the attention of others.


Loud Alarm: Use this tone for emergency cases, since the tone is loud and may attract others’ attention or alarm your child.


This can be accessed from your app’s main Menu by clicking on Settings and General.





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