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Top 10 Tips for Using AngelSense This Summer


Changes or lack of routine during the summer months set the stage for triggers to elopement. Family visiting, vacations and outings to crowded places make summertime nerve-racking for a lot of parents.

With AngelSense, you can enjoy your favorite summertime activities without the stress.

You and your child deserve summer freedom!

Here are 10 tips for using AngelSense this summer:

1. Use AngelSense daily: even if there is no school. We see an increase in wandering incidents with our users during the summer months.

  • Important points: Changes in our children’s routine could trigger elopement. By using it daily, you will be able to see your child’s routes & locations during the whole day and it can help them adjust to a new summer schedule.

Tip: Keep your device charged! You never know when you might have an unexpected outing. Use this reward chart to build a routine to wear AngelSense daily.

2. Involve your camp or extended school year staff:

    • Important points: Add camp counselors, summer school teachers or babysitters that might be caregivers over the summer as a “School Guardian” in the School Dashboard so they can use the AngelSense device during the summer.

Tip: Edit your school schedule to match your new summer schedule, remove School Guardians that are no longer active.

3. “Share Live Location” for temp access: Give temporary and limited access to the current location of your AngelSense device to summer caregivers. It does not require them to download the app and log on as a Guardian, School Guardian or to be added as a First Responder.

  • Important points: Use with babysitters, camp staff, grandparents or anyone else that is with your child on a temporary basis. You can add them for a few hours and turn it off when they are no longer with your child.

Tip: You can remotely share with camp staff in case of elopement, without having to add them as School Guardians. They can forward the live link as necessary to others.

4. Test the First Responder Feature: Go over who you have as a First Responder and do a “test run” with them. When you turn on “Runner Mode” one of the options is “Test Mode”.

  • Important points: Summer is a good time to visit a local law enforcement agency and find out who their search and rescue team members are. They might have someone that can be added to your First Responder list.

Tip: Print the NEW Emergency Search Tools & Safety Prep Guide to have in case of emergency.

5. “My Location” for Summer Outings:  See your location relative to your Angel’s location (device).

  • Important points: This feature is especially useful in a non-urban area with no street signs such as amusement parks, campgrounds and fairgrounds! Here is the link with info on how to activate it:

Tip: If you have GPS2, you can also see the wifi hotspots for more help to locate them – most amusement parks and malls name their hotspots something recognizable.

6. Practice with Voice Features: Use the voice features to help your child transition smoothly between places and new activities during the day.

  • Important points: Learn how to use 2-Way Voice with your child, getting used to responding to your instructions, e.g. stop and wait.

Tip: Save the device phone number as a contact in your phone so you don’t have to open the app each time you want to use the voice features.

7. Test “Alarm” Feature:  Test out the “Alarm” feature with your child without causing added stress if they are in a difficult situation.

  • Important points: The alarm feature is designed to help you locate your child when nearby in a crowd, indoors, or hiding. The alarm is loud and may attract others’ attention or alarm your child, so testing it with them beforehand is ideal.

Tip: Let camp staff know you can remotely activate the alarm if your child is hiding indoors. For GPS2, choose the best sound/vibration option with your child so they recognize it.

8. Power Off for Air Travel: If you have plans to travel this summer, you can use the “Remote Shutdown” when you get to airport security and need to turn the device off.

  • Important points: There is no way to remotely power the device on. Once the device is “Shutdown” it will have to be manually powered back on.  Buttons on your device are disabled so that your child cannot accidentally turn it off

Tip: Fully charge your device then use “Remote Shutdown” before travelling so that it has a full charge when you reach your destination.

9. Use “Location Playback”:  View the key zones that your child spends time in, giving you another window into their daily routine. Monitor outdoor activity at summer camp or view location history at a large playground or waterpark.

  • Important points: When the device is within a named location it updates every 15 minutes and this feature simply allows you to see where each of these updates were when within that named location.

Tip: In case of elopement from a named location, you can see the exact spot where they exited the set geofence, giving you an indication of a vulnerable spot.

10. ETA Feature: Never stand in the heat waiting for your child to arrive home. Stop worrying about your child’s bus arriving earlier than usual and not being there in time. With AngelSense ETA, you’ll know exactly when to expect them.

  • Important points: AngelSense learns your child’s typical destinations and automatically calculates the expected time of arrival, taking into account traffic as well!

Tip: You can check traffic updates directly from your AngelSense app

Safety is important all year round and summer is no exception.

Be sure to take your AngelSense GPS tracker with you on vacation, use it for summer camp and other outings.

In addition, maintaining a wearing routine during the summer can make back to school time much easier on you and your child.


AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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