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Autism August 17, 2016

Why a GPS Tracker is a Must-Have for Your Special Needs Child at School

We recently polled a group of AngelSense GPS Tracker customers asking them how they benefit from it throughout the school year. The answers revolved around three main areas: school bus safety, wandering prevention and knowing exactly when your child is due to arrive home.

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Autism July 25, 2016

These Water Safety Tips Could Save Your Special Child’s Life

Water safety is one of the most important skills you can teach your special child. This becomes especially essential during summer when water is irresistible. Not only do most children with autism have a fascination with water, but they also lack any sense of danger.

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Autism July 18, 2016

Kevin and Avonte’s Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives approved Kevin and Avonte’s Law (H.R. 4919) which aims to protect children with special needs from the dangers of wandering. While this marks a significant milestone for the special needs community, the bill still has a ways to go before becoming law.

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Activities July 14, 2016

5 Autism Friendly Travel Spots You Might Not Think to Take Your Special Family to

A family getaway can be a great way to expose children with special needs to new experiences without overwhelming them. It will also give you an opportunity to bond with your special child away from the stresses of everyday life.

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Activities July 11, 2016

How I Get through Summer Vacation with my Special Needs Kids without Going Nuts

By Lisa Byrom Brown, Customer Care Specialist at AngelSense
School is out, and even summer school is ending soon. In our case that will mean three weeks’ worth of time to fill. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my eight-year-old twins, but what are we going to do for THREE WHOLE WEEKS??

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Autism July 1, 2016

AngelSense Helps LA Family Find Missing Son with Autism Within Minutes

What started off as a typical Saturday almost ended in tragedy for this Los Angeles special needs family. Last week, Cris and Paul Houghtaling were 20 minutes into their exercise routine at a local gym when they were informed by an employee that Julian, their non-verbal child with autism, was nowhere to be found.

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Autism June 26, 2016

Here’s Why Your Special Child Needs a GPS Tracker This Summer

For many special needs families, summer doesn’t have the same ring to it as it does for other families. With disrupted routines and new sensory experiences, summer vacation is particularly challenging for children with special needs. As a parent, you can do your best to help your special child adjust, but safety remains the top concern for many.

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Autism June 16, 2016

5 Activities to Ensure Your Special Family Has a Safe and Enjoyable Summer

Summer vacation is an opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time with your special family. With enough planning and some creativity, summer can be a rewarding and rejuvenating time for the entire family. And the best part is that you don’t have to go far to experience the wonders of summer. You’ll be amazed at how much fun your entire family can have in the comfort of your backyard or a nearby park.

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Autism June 5, 2016

9 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Special Child from the Dangers of Wandering

Autism affects millions of children and young adults around the world. For many parents what’s most challenging about the condition is their child’s tendency to wander off. In fact, wandering or elopement is so common among children with autism spectrum disorders that it’s estimated that more than half of children with the condition tend to wander off from safe places.

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