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Be Amazed: Parents of Kids with Down Syndrome

The organization UPS for Downs (United Parent Support for Downs Syndrome) recently put out a calendar highlighting the stories of young people with Down syndrome. The powerful message of “look what our kids can do” is evident in every glossy page and every uplifting word…

Adopting Twins With Autism: My Dreams

All my life I knew what I wanted…at least I thought I did. I was an Air Force Brat – that’s what they called us back then, kids that grew up in the military. Our parents were “lifers” – they’d retire from the military. Growing up on military bases around all those planes, dad was a mechanic and it allowed us to get up close and personal.

The 3 Best Pet Therapies

The 3 Best Pet Therapies

Animal Assistance and Pet Therapy are either present in your lives as parents of children with special needs – or as article or blog post that you quickly click by! Maybe allergies are a factor, maybe cost, maybe you don’t know where to start amongst the myriad of choices – maybe you don’t even want to imagine another living thing to keep track of in your busy daily life!

My Brother Has Autism

To our sweet Wally and Olivia: At times you may feel the world only revolves around your brother. You may feel unknown and invisible, but to me you are your brother’s guardian angels on earth, even at a very young age. You have learned about responsibility…

5 Best Apps for Children with Special Needs

Technology is a part of our everyday lives – it can be overwhelming to decide what will work best for you. After all, technology is supposed to make things easier, not complicated. Here are some apps for special needs kids and one to help their moms and dads too!

5 Winter Activities for Kids with Special Needs

The temperature has dropped and the task of bundling up for some outside fun or journeying to therapy feels daunting (or impossible!) for parents of children with special needs. There’s also the issue of a break in routine, which can take our kids with special needs out of their comfort zone.

Hiring a Caregiver for a Child with Special Needs

Looking for someone to look after your child with special needs is a stressful scenario – not only must you find someone who clicks with your child, but you must also feel trust in their abilities to give you peace of mind. Here are four tips for finding a caregiver for special needs children.

5 Things I wish I’d known before Autism

I am the mother to two wonderful little boys, one who has autism and one who is “normal” (whatever that is!). There are many things we didn’t know before we became parents, and even less when you hear a word like “autism.” There are some things I wish I had known before my son was born, and I wish I could share them with every parent out there.

10 Great Books for Families of Kids with Autism

10 Great Books for Families of Kids with Autism

The AngelSense community has compiled a list of 10 of the best books on autism spectrum disorder to help you and your loved ones see the world through the eyes of someone with autism. Our hope is that these books will make you more tolerant, understanding and will improve your relationship with your child with special needs.

Doron’s Story -The Foundation of AngelSense

My name is Doron, founder of AngelSense and the father of Itamar, a 17-year-old teenager with Autism, who is sweet and naive like a little child – an eternal child. The idea for AngelSense came from the deep worry for Itamar, since he is so vulnerable and cannot share what he goes through.

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