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Autism November 29, 2016

10 Fun Activities to Keep Kids With Special Needs Busy This Holiday Season

The festive season can be overwhelming for kids with special needs. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 simple but fun activities your entire family will enjoy.

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GPS Tracker November 23, 2016

What We’re Thankful For – Being a Special Needs Mom in the Age of Technology

With the year coming to a close, we asked our customer care team or, as we like to call them, “Our Moms”, what they’re thankful for. Interestingly, all our Moms made it a point to say that they’re thankful for technologies that make their life just a little bit easier and better in some way.

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GPS Tracker November 1, 2016

AngelSense GPS Wins Patient Innovation Award

Exciting news! AngelSense has been named winner of the 2016 Patient Innovation Award. The AngelSense GPS Tracker was chosen as a groundbreaking product as it’s designed specifically for children with special needs and features capabilities that address their unique challenges.

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Activities October 27, 2016

Help Your Child with Special Needs Have Fun & Stay Safe this Halloween

There’s no escaping the haunting enchantment of Halloween when unassuming neighborhoods take on an other worldliness. So captivating is this holiday that adults and children alike find themselves spellbound by the uniqueness of the day. And this is something that children with special needs should also get to experience.

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Autism October 20, 2016

Awesome New Features in the 2017 Version of the AngelSense GPS Tracker

AngelSense allows parents to monitor every part of their child’s day and see exactly where they are, when they arrived and left, their real-time travel routes and even the speed they are travelling at. The recently launched Late Departure Warning feature was designed to add another layer of safety, sending you an instant alert if your child has not left school, or any other regularly visited place on time.

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How Assistive Technology Can Help Prevent Bullying and Mistreatment of Children with Special Needs

GPS trackers are linked in most people‘s minds to making sure children don’t wander and get lost. the AngelSense GPS Tracker was also designed to help parents identify if bullying of their child is taking place, enabling them to take the action necessary to prevent it.

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Autism September 29, 2016

5 Actionable Strategies That Will Give Your Non-Verbal Child a Voice

Communication is an integral part of everyday life. And yet many children with special needs remain shut out and disconnected from the people around them simply because they can’t convey thoughts, ideas and feelings coherently. This frustration often forces special children to find other outlets to express themselves, and causes them to act out.

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Autism September 20, 2016

5 Tips for Protecting Your Child with Special Needs from Bullying

Bullying can affect all children, but children with special needs are far more likely to become targets and the impact on them tends to be longer-lasting and far more severe . We’ve put together 5 practical tips on how you can protect your child from bullies.

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Autism September 12, 2016

A ‘Child with Autism’ vs. ‘Autistic Child’: Here’s Why it Matters

In the autism community, one of the most fiercely debated topics is how to refer to people on the spectrum. While some prefer the term ‘people with autism’, others lean towards ‘autistic person’. Then there are those who remain indifferent, and prefer to take a tomato [tomayto]; tomato [tomahto] view of things. When a post in our Facebook group sparked fervent discussion, we realized this isn’t a simple matter of semantics. We felt it was important to get to the bottom of this because there’s no denying the power of words. More than simply conveying meaning, words convey sentiment and ultimately shape how people are perceived.

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