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Empowering the Special Needs Community

5 Summer Activities for Children with Special Needs

Although it still seems like just the other day that we rang in the New Year, summer is right around the corner and with it the challenges presented as we seek to maintain our special needs kids’ familiar routines while taking advantage of the seasonal activities available during summer.

GPS Based Technology and ASD

Amir Tal, PhD.

Most families with a child who has special needs know full well the concept of it taking a village. From medical professionals to educators and deep into our communities, we create a team of people to help. But within our family is where the deepest well of support and care usually emerges.

Theatre for Children With Special Needs

When the Autism Society and AMC films partnered together for Sensory Friendly Films, they were filling an important need – the chance for children with special needs and their families to enjoy movies on the big screen, in a setting specially designed for their comfort and enjoyment.

When Children With Special Needs Grow Up

As children with special needs grow up, parents and caregivers are called upon to examine what happens next. As kids age out of programs and the availability of assistance and opportunities begin to shrink, parents of special needs people must plan for the next phase of life.

5 Best TED Talks on Autism

TED Talks are a set of global conferences run by the private, non-profit Sapling Foundation. Their slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and we couldn’t agree more. Here are our five favorite TED talks on Autism – they teach, uplift and encourage those with Autism and the people who love them.

Employment: The Autism Advantage

Amir Tal, PhD.

In 2007, The General Assembly of the United Nations designated April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day. The 2015 World Autism Awareness Day theme chosen is “Employment: The Autism Advantage.” People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), their families, employers and society as a whole benefits from employment inclusion of people with ASD.

Miracles Made Me An Activist

California resident Deb Peralta didn’t set out to be an Autism activist parent. In fact, parenthood was thought to be off the table entirely until it suddenly wasn’t – Devin and Darius were a miraculous gift for Deb and her husband, Dean, changing their lives in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine.

Meet Helen Ezell

Helen Ezell has a deep understanding of the elopement concerns of parents of special needs children. As the mother of four amazing special needs sons – three diagnosed with Autism, two profoundly so – Helen lives with worries about her children every day.

Get a Medicaid Waiver for Kids with Special Needs

7 Innovative Funding Sources for Families of Children With Special Needs

It has been a little more than a year since the start of my journey to obtain a Medicaid waiver for my six-year-old son with autism, but I am relieved to say I finally walked through the “Front Door” and obtained a Medicaid Service Coordinator for my son – another step toward accessing additional therapy, family reimbursement and more.

3 Secrets to Creating a Year Filled with LOVE!

Yes it’s February and currently theme of the month is – we must be in love. Well the truth is regardless of whether you have a romantic relationship or not we all feel extra pressure to make an effort when at every turn we are being bombarded with images of cupids and love hearts. When parenting a special needs child finding the space…

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