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Music Therapy and ADHD: Can it Really Help


A guest post by Charles Carpenter, founder of Healing Sounds. Charles believes in the power of music and sound as a healing tool.     Music therapy can help people with a wide variety of health conditions, from children on the autism spectrum to seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. It may be used to soothe mothers

7 Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in Kids with Autism

It might show up as nervousness, anxiety or a full-blown meltdown. For children and adults on the autism spectrum, anxiety can exacerbate the stress of day-to-day living. Fortunately, there are strategies and tools to help keep the monster at bay.

The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Special Child’s Full Potential – FREE

The key to helping your child make the most of their abilities is to make sure you find the tools that are right for them, drawing on their unique strengths and interests and keeping them fully engaged in the learning process. When you have a child with special needs, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed

Help Your Child with Special Needs Have Fun & Stay Safe this Halloween

There’s no escaping the haunting enchantment of Halloween when unassuming neighborhoods take on an other worldliness. So captivating is this holiday that adults and children alike find themselves spellbound by the uniqueness of the day. And this is something that children with special needs should also get to experience.

5 Autism Friendly Travel Spots You Might Not Think to Take Your Special Family to

Some of the best autism friendly spots for special needs families

A family getaway can be a great way to expose children with special needs to new experiences without overwhelming them. It will also give you an opportunity to bond with your special child away from the stresses of everyday life.

How I Get through Summer Vacation with my Special Needs Kids without Going Nuts

How I Get through Summer Vacation with my Special Needs Kids without Going Nuts

By Lisa Byrom Brown, Customer Care Specialist at AngelSense
School is out, and even summer school is ending soon. In our case that will mean three weeks’ worth of time to fill. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my eight-year-old twins, but what are we going to do for THREE WHOLE WEEKS??

How to Develop Healthy Habits as a Special Needs Family

From time to time it’s important to take a break from the stresses of everyday life and focus exclusively on your special family. Because at the end of the day, it’s family which makes life that much sweeter. Uninterrupted quality time is not only an opportunity to bond with your loved ones, but it’s the perfect time to work on fostering healthy habits and improving your family’s overall well being.

Join Us in Raising Awareness This World Autism Awareness Month

Tips for celebrating autism awareness month

With World Autism Awareness Month being commemorated in April, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we can do to raise awareness. After all, autism touches all our lives in some way. With some estimates suggesting that as many as 1 in 68 children in the U.S. have some sort of autism spectrum disorder, we can no longer afford to ignore this condition.

Help Your Special Child Get the Most out of Nature-Based Play This Springtime

Fun spring activities for autistic kids

In the appropriate outdoor environment, your special child will have the opportunity to experience the world in a meaningful way. And what better time to do that than during spring. The important thing is to provide your child with a non-threatening structure to play and learn outdoors at their own pace and comfort level.

5 Tips for Special Needs Parents Planning a Trip to Disney World

A trip to Disney World is a magical part of childhood, and something all kids should get to experience. Here are some tips for special needs parents thinking about taking their kids to the amusement park.

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