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Autism Dad Shares Warning & Advice to Protect Your Child with Autism This Summer

AngelSense GPS for Autism Wandering

Like so many children with autism, Chad’s son used to elope and wander off. In this video, he shares how he had a major scare where his son was found near a pond where he could have drowned. Before using the AngelSense GPS for Autism, he had no way of knowing where his son was or how to find him when he took off. Make sure to also watch a video he posted about the 2020 AngelSense GPS and goes into details about the features and how he uses it to protect his son. Watch It Here

Dad shares about his son with autism’s wandering incident

Wandering Related Deaths and Autism

Nearly 50% of all children with autism will wander. Any parent, like Chad, who has a child who wanders knows the fear and anxiety that comes along with this autism-related diagnosis. Even parents who have taken all the necessary precautions like window and door locks, door alarms, and more know that accidents can still happen and the seriousness of the situation when they do.

When a child with ASD wanders, they usually aren’t slowly meandering. On the contrary, they are usually focused and moving quickly to wherever they have their heart set. They will find a way out if there is any chance of escaping and leave without warning. A recent study revealed that over 74% of wandering cases happened from home or while with a family member. As Chad points out, this is why it’s so important to have the AngelSense GPS Safety Device.

Autism Wandering and Water Safety

How AngelSense Helps Protect Children with Autism

AngelSense is the only GPS location tracking device for kids that is designed specifically for the unique challenges that parents of children with autism face. The Co-Founders and most of the staff of AngelSense have family members with autism and use AngelSense on a daily basis. This means that every feature was designed based on real-life situations to address the needs of autism parents.

Standard GPS tracking devices only provide basic alerts and functions that are ideal for typical kids, pets, and laptops, but do not sufficiently protect our most vulnerable loved ones. The technology that AngelSense uses is the most advanced and effective at keeping special needs children safe. There is absolutely no comparison!

AngelSense is the only service that includes continuous, all-day monitoring that ensures the most accurate and reliable location information and alerts possible – others spend most of the day in sleep mode. It also includes safe ride monitoring for each and every transit with a detailed, live route map, updated ETA and speed – it also keeps the history of all transits so you can go back and review them at any time. For a complete description of each feature and how it differs from other GPS systems – Click Here

AngelSense Review - Water Safety

What Other Parents Are Saying – AngelSense Reviews & Testimonials

Each and every day we hear stories about how AngelSense has helped parents and children. The peace of mind it provides and the safety features that come to the rescue in an emergency are life-changing.

the peace of mind is more than worth it


this device can truly be a lifesaver


we cant imagine out loves without it

AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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