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Special Needs December 8, 2015

Avonte’s Law Could Save Thousands of Kids’ Lives

Earlier this month marked the second anniversary of the tragic disappearance of Avonte Oquendo, a young autistic teenager, from his school in Queens. After an extensive three month search, his body was found in New York City’s East River. But his story doesn’t end here. Avonte’s face has became a symbol in the autism community.

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GPS Tracker November 17, 2015

7 Innovative Funding Sources for Families of Children With Special Needs

If the cost to raise a child in the U.S, from birth to age 18 is approximately $245,340 (or $304,480, adjusted for projected inflation), I shudder to think of the costs involved in raising my seven year old son with autism.

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Activities November 12, 2015

These 5 Facts Will Change the Way You Think About Special Needs Kids

Many special needs kids are very talented, and have a lot to contribute to society. The sad reality, however, is that most people don’t know enough about these kids so they fail to see how unique they are. Instead of focusing on how special needs kids are different, it’s time to highlight their gifts and strengths.

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School November 5, 2015

Parents to Autistic Kids Succeed in Having the AngelSense GPS Allowed at School

Dayann and Brian McDonough, parents of two kids with autism, recently won the fight over their children’s right to wear the AngelSense GPS tracking device at school. We applaud them for this great achievement.

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Autism November 2, 2015

Here’s What Sesame Street’s Julia Will Teach Your Kids

Have your kids met Julia yet? They’re going to love her because she’s truly remarkable! She’s an endearing yellow muppet, and the latest addition to the Sesame Street family. A refreshing and long-overdue addition, Julia is the first muppet with autism and she serves as an important lesson to all kids regardless of whether or not they have special needs.

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Special Needs October 28, 2015

ADHD Awareness Month Is a Reminder That ADHD Is Real

Since this is ADHD Awareness Month, we thought it was time for a fresh perspective on what has become one the most misunderstood and difficult to diagnose disorders. ADHD is more common than you might think and affects children and adults of all ages.

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Activities October 26, 2015

Halloween Without Trick or Treating? Your Special Needs Child Will Love This!

Isn’t it funny how Halloween seems to sneak up on one without any notice? Before you can say pumpkin spice, you’re making a visit to Walmart in a last-ditch effort to find something that could pass as one of the child’s favorite characters from Frozen.

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Activities October 6, 2015

​5 Activities To Help Your Special Child Concentrate Better

Kids are born explorers. Their minds are constantly ticking, and their senses encourage them to learn more about the things, places and people around them. Just when their eyes fall on something that fascinates them, something else…

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Autism September 10, 2015

AngelSense School Bullying Survey Results

Back-to-School survey finds 50% of children with special needs are bullied at school. Parents surveyed by angelSense reveal the severity of the situation for special needs children.

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