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AngelSense Lifesaving Features: Safeguard GPS

October 13, 2021

Researching which GPS monitoring system and service is best for your needs can be quite confusing. There are several different options and comparing services can be daunting, especially if you aren’t an expert on GPS monitoring technology and the features available. When looking to protect your laptop, find your keys, or even keep track of a pet, your best option may be to find the cheapest option. But when you are looking to keep your child safe, it’s important to understand the differences and find the most reliable and accurate service available. This is especially true if your child has autism or special needs, and even more essential when they are prone to wandering.

When you are looking to keep your child safe, it’s important to understand the differences and find the most reliable and accurate service available

Every parent with a child who wanders knows just how gut-wrenching those moments are when your child runs off without warning and you can’t find them. Nearly 50% of all children with autism are diagnosed with wandering. This may sound harmless, but 90% of all deaths are due to drowning after a wandering incident. When faced with this issue, in addition to any other number of disability symptoms, like being non-verbal, having no danger awareness, meltdowns and anxiety, and more, parents and caregivers need added support to ensure their loved ones’ safety.

90% of all deaths are due to drowning after a wandering incident

In these cases, a standard GPS tracker for kids and pets is not going to give you the peace of mind you need. They are smaller and less expensive, but this is because they don’t offer advanced safety features and they go into sleep mode to preserve their small battery’s life. They also generally don’t have a voice option, and if they do, it’s very limited due to their battery capabilities.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Safeguard GPS

Why Continuous, All-Day GPS Monitoring is Important

AngelSense GPS for Kids is the only child GPS monitor that was designed especially for kids with autism and special needs. As such, there are several features that were developed to support the unique needs of these children and those who care for them. But more than that, the core of how the system operates is unlike any other GPS service on the market.

When every second counts, you need a tracker that is always working and able to provide reliable alerts immediately so you can find your child as quickly as possible.

AngelSense Safeguard GPS uses advanced algorithms and continuous, all-day monitoring to ensure the maximum level of protection and well-being for your child. When every second counts, you need a tracker that is always working and able to provide reliable alerts immediately so you can find your child as quickly as possible.

When a tracker goes into sleep mode, it can take a while for it to wake up and locate your child’s location. Most trackers instantly go into sleep mode the second your child enters a predefined geofence like home or school. AngelSense understands that a child who elopes is automatically in a life-threatening situation the moment they leave a safe place. There is no time to waste, so it monitors every movement, allowing it to send you an alert right away.

AngelSense doesn’t go into sleep mode, it monitors every movement to keep your child as safe as possible.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids – Geofences

All GPS trackers alert you when your child enters or leaves a safe place, called a geofence. These geofences have to be preset and their boundaries manually defined. It might be easy to assume that this is sufficient, especially if your child only goes to a few places with you like school and therapy. However, most wandering incidents occur while with a parent or guardian when you’re at the park or shopping or at a friend’s house. AngelSense determined that providing alerts only for geofenced places just wasn’t good enough when it came to special needs children. To address this, they added automatic geofencing that determines the optimal boundaries of each and every place your child visits.

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This is important for a few reasons, first of all, GPS boundaries on a map may be a bit off due to GPS technology limitations. By defining the optimal boundaries for you, there is less chance of them being inaccurate. Second, by automatically adding a geofence for every place your child visits, AngelSense can provide alerts for places you don’t frequent often. These Intelligent iAlerts are only available with AngelSense.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Intelligent iAlerts

AngelSense GPS Tracking Device – Intelligent iAlerts

Alerts are the cornerstone of any GPS tracker. You need to know the second your child leaves a safe place, so you can act quickly in case of an emergency. Only AngelSense can provide sophisticated, Intelligent iAlerts that are truly lifesaving. As explained, the Safeguard GPS is always working and geofences are automatically created for every place your child is therefore allowing AngelSense to provide alerts for those places. For example, if you go to a grocery store that isn’t in your saved places, you will still get an alert if your child leaves the store while you’re shopping.

This goes a step further and also give AngelSense the ability to provide alerts that proactively detect danger to put you on alert just in case an emergency is about to happen.

AngelSense is the only GPS tracker that proactively detects danger

This may sound complicated, and technically it is, but practically, it means that you get notified of unusual behavior as soon as it occurs, so you can take action before an emergency happens. Because AngelSense is always monitoring your loved one’s whereabouts, it’s able to use AI learning to detect deviations from your child’s normal routine. For instance, if your child normally leaves the school building and starts their ride home on the school bus within 5 minutes, AngelSense will send you a notification that something might be wrong if your child left the building 5 minutes ago but the bus still hasn’t left. It may be nothing to worry about, but you can monitor the situation just in case it is. Learn more about Intelligent iAlerts.

AngelSense GPS Safe Ride Monitoring - GPS Transit Bus Tracking

AngelSense GPS – Safe Ride Monitoring

Another, crucial feature that only AngelSense is able to provide is Safe Ride Monitoring for each and every transit. The Safeguard GPS makes it possible to show the exact route for every single ride, this also includes walking or running. When your child is on the move, you get an alert and can go to the live tracking map to see the route in real-time. You also can see the max speed and estimated time of arrival. Every transit is saved in the daily timeline, so you can go back and see the route and speed whenever you want. This makes AngelSense the ideal transit tracking app.

No other GPS tracker for kids is able to provide this feature. And furthermore, because of the Intelligent iAlerts we discussed before, you will also get alerts if your child gets off the school bus at the wrong stop and ends up in an unknown location. Learn more about Safe Ride Monitoring.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids Location Tracking

AngelSense GPS Device – Location Playback

Many of AngelSense’s advanced safety and well-being features have been designed at the request of special needs parents. One of these features is Location Playback. This unique feature allows parents to monitor their loved one’s activity within a safe place. The best example of this is at school. AngelSense gives you the ability to go back and see your child’s movement between classrooms, the cafeteria, and playground with the exact times. Parents have been able to detect bullying and other issues by using this feature. Learn more about Location Playback.

AngelSense GPS Location Tracking – Emergency Search Tools

When an emergency occurs, you need to act fast and have access to an accurate location. AngelSense, designed several search and rescue tools to quickly locate and get to your child as soon as possible. For instance, Runner Mode provides real-time location updates. My Location shows your location on the map so you can find the best route to your child. Share Live Location, lets you send a temporary link of the live map to anyone who can help in the search efforts (you can also send this link with a click of a button to a preset group of First Responders). Learn more about the Emergency Search Tools.

AngelSense GPS Tracking Device with Phone

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Special Needs – Assistive Speakerphone

Aside from the Safeguard GPS and all of the features it allows AngelSense to offer, it’s important to mention the Assistive Speakerphone. Because the AngelSense GPS device was created for those with special needs, it includes a way to communicate with your loved one, even if they cannot answer a phone. The Assistive Speakerphone allows for 3 different voice features. First, is a 2-way voice call that automatically answers… All you have to do is call the device and you can speak to your child no matter where they are or what their unique circumstances are. Second, is the ability to make a 1-way call to listen to your child’s surroundings without disturbing them. And Third, is an SOS Call Request where they can push a button to let you know they need you. Learn more about the Assistive Speakerphone.

Only with AngelSense, a GPS Tracker for Kids with Autism & Special Needs

While other trackers may be ok for typical children, AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism is the only comprehensive safety device that can offer peace of mind to parents with children with special needs. There is truly no comparison and our Customer Care Team can help you make a decision and understand better the differences as they are special needs parents who use AngelSense daily to keep their children safe. Most of them have also tried other GPS devices and have firsthand knowledge of how AngelSense compares. See more in-depth information about the AngelSense GPS service plans.

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