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Non-Verbal Boy with Autism Left Alone at Library is Found with AngelSense GPS

October 5, 2020

It’s every parents’ worst nightmare. We send our children off to school trusting that they will be taken care of, looked after, and return home safely. When you have a child with special needs you can’t help but worry about where they are, if they’re safe, what you would do if your child didn’t come home after school? How would you find them? How long would it take?

Luckily, for Fatimah her son Jaiden had his AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism on when he was left at a public library by himself after school. A substitute school bus driver didn’t know where to bring him. Being non-verbal, Jaiden was unable to tell her where he lives and miscommunication with the transportation company led her to leave him at the public library – in New York City – alone!

I can’t imagine what would have happened without AngelSense

Can you imagine? An 8 year old child, with autism, prone to wandering, who cannot verbally communicate, left all alone in a city library. It’s unimaginable, and just like Fatimah, all you can think about is what horrible things could have happened to him.

Autistic Boy Saved By AngelSense GPS

How AngelSense GPS for Kids with Autism Came to the Rescue

When Jaiden got off the bus, his mother was immediately notified that he was at an unexpected place. This is a part of AngelSense’s Intelligent iAlert system. No other GPS tracking device offers this type of lifesaving alert.

She quickly opened the app to see exactly where he was on a live map. She rushed to reach him before any harm could come to him. She even got to him before the school returned her call to let her know where he was dropped off!

I immediately called his AngelSense to hear what was going on and let him know mommy was on the way

She also had the ability to used the auto-answer assistive speakerphone to talk to him, let him know mommy was on the way, and hear what was going on until she got there.

If she hadn’t had AngelSense securely attached inside Jaiden’s pocket, she wouldn’t have known there was an issue until after he was already late getting home. Like most of us, she probably would have waited a bit thinking the bus was just late. Once she realized there was a problem, she would have been stuck waiting for the school to get back to her about his location and what happened. She would have no idea where he was or where to begin looking. She would be helpless and unable to take any action to find her son, check on him, or let him know she was on the way.

When every second counted, the time that AngelSense saved between Jaiden getting dropped off at the wrong location and his mother getting to him could have been the difference between life and death. This may sound extreme, but if you’re a parent of a child who elopes, has no sense of danger, and is non-verbal, you’re well aware that a situation like this is clearly life-threatening.

angelsense safe ride monitoring

AngelSense GPS Safe Ride Monitoring

Only AngelSense offers transit tracking for each and every ride. Other GPS trackers require you to open the app and turn on live tracking to access transit information and they usually don’t have enough battery to track every ride.

Transits between home and school and other places is the greatest concern for parents. With AngelSense, every transit is tracked with an accurate, real-time route map. You also get an updated ETA with the ability to change the destination. It shows the maximum speed as well.

AngelSense is also the only GPS tracker that provides lifesaving alerts for transits. You’ll know as soon as your child is on the move by foot, car or bus. You’ll also be alerted to any unexpected stops, departure at the wrong stop, or if they missed the bus with our Late Departure Alert. The Late Arrival Alert lets you know if your child got off the bus but didn’t go inside the building. These are proactive alerts that detect unusual patterns of behavior that were designed to prevent emergencies before they happen.

The transit history is also stored, so you can easily go back and look at the details of any ride from any time in the past.

AngelSense GPS for Autism Wandering

Autism, Wandering, and AngelSense

Fatimah had originally purchased AngelSense to protect Jaiden from wandering. Recognized as an official diagnosis, nearly half of all children with autism will attempt to elope, wander, or run from a safe place, making it 4x more likely to happen than it is for typical children and 8x more likely between the ages of 7 and 10. Combined with the fact that more than a third of these children are unable to communicate their name, address, or phone number (like Jaiden) these occurrences are exponentially more dangerous than with typical children. You can learn more at the National Autism Society.

In addition, many of them have no sense of danger. They can easily run into traffic and are drawn to water (accidental drowning after elopement accounts for 91% of deaths reported for children with ASD under the age of 14). Unfortunately, many parents are never warned of the risks or given advice about elopement from professionals.

AngelSense was originally created with one goal in mind, protecting children who wander. Unlike other GPS trackers that were designed for typical kids, pets, and things, AngelSense was designed to keep our most vulnerable loved ones safe. Standard GPS trackers with limited functionality just aren’t enough when people with autism, special needs, and dementia are concerned.

GPS Tracker for Kids - AngelSense

AngelSense GPS for Special Needs Lifesaving Features

AngelSense is not a regular GPS tracker, in fact, it is unlike any other product on the market that is used for personal tracking. What makes AngelSense different?

Safeguard GPS

Only AngelSense Provides Continuous Monitoring Throughout the Entire Day.

Other GPS trackers go into sleep mode to extend battery life.

Assistive Speakerphone

Only AngelSense Automatically Answers 2-Way and 1-Way Calls Made to the Device.

If they even have a voice feature, it is like a phone that requires a button to be pushed to connect.

AngelSense GPS Tracker for Kids

Intelligent iAlerts

Proactive Alerts and Notifications Help to Prevent Emergencies by Detecting Unexpected Places & Unusual Behavior.

All other GPS trackers only alert on entering and exiting predefined geofences.

Share Live Location

Send a Temporary Link to a Live Tracking Map of Your Loved One’s Location to Anyone.

No other GPS device lets you do this.

Too Many Unique Features to List

There are so many features for safety and well-being that AngelSense offers that can’t be found anywhere else. To learn more you can read our detailed article about what makes AngelSense the only GPS safety device in the world to provide maximum protection to those with special needs.

AngelSense GPS Customer Care

Customer Care Team Who Truly Understands

Only AngelSense has a US-based Customer Care Team of special needs parents who use AngelSense every day to protect their loved ones. They are expert users and they have faced similar issues, fears, sleepless nights, and stress worrying about their child’s safety and well-being.

They are committed to helping you protect your child and supporting you along the way with great tips and advice. There is even a professional team of School Liaisons to help with any school-related issues.

As a customer, you can also join our AngelSense family of parents and caretakers who support one another in our private Facebook group.

With AngelSense, you’re not just getting a GPS Tracker… You’re joining a family and getting a comprehensive safety solution that promotes independence, helps you monitor well-being, and of course, provides maximum protection for your loved one and maximum peace of mind for you.

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